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Calling Scripts

Missing Document Campaign 18-22 August2014

UG (CF) Offer Holders’


Advice and guidance

  • Call all Overseas CF offer holders that the project manager has allocated you.
  • At this stage, students woudl be holding a Confirmed and an Insurance choice at two differnet Universities. The aim of this campaign is :
    • To encourage Offer Holders to send in any vital documents directly to Warwick Undergraduate Admissions (apart from what has been sent to UCAS) to support their application. Incomplete applications cannot be made an Unconditional Offer
    • To remind that documents sent in fulfilment of conditions have to verified to be in an acceptable i.e. authentic format
  • You are asked to follow the script on page 5 of this handbook/ in section below. The script is for you to use as a guide. You will not need to follow it word for word in all cases and some of the questions you are asking will naturally lead you into conversations not covered in the script. Please only answer questions you are confident you know the answer to. If you are in any doubt you should refer them to the relevant team in the International Office and Undergraduate Admissions– email addresses and contact telephone numbers will be provided in your handbook.
  • Give a nice and friendly impression of the University by showing that we have a genuine interest in the offer holder, that they are not just a number.
  • Give the offer-holder the opportunity to express needs or raise questions about the University of Warwick that could help them to make their decision on which university to choose if they are still unsure.


Due to data protection laws, we can ONLY speak to the student. Check that you are speaking to the student before you give any information about why you are calling. If a parent asks “can I ask who’s calling?” before they pass on the phone, say The University of Warwick. Do not leave messages on a house phone. Only leave a message on the student’s mobile phone if the answer machine clearly states it is their phone. Note that applicants are allowed to designate someone to deal with their appication on their behalf without contravening data protection laws. Although UCAS sees this information, we unfortunately don’t. This means that we are unable to check who a ‘nominated access’ person is. If you get through to someone other than the offer holder, that person might claim to be a ‘nominated access’ person and expect to talk about the application or someone may simply ask you to leave a message with them. If this happens, you should say that it was just a courtesy call from the University of Warwick, that there is nothing to worry about and that you will call back later.

Note that we are not able to officially acknowledge a verbal acceptance from an offer holder that has decided to choose Warwick as either a firm or insurance choice. Please advise students to do officially confirm their final choices through UCAS.

Also please be aware that although we can make a note of any address, telephone number or email address changes, we cannot officially make any contact detail changes on behalf of the offer holder. Please advise them to contact UCAS directly to do this.

Phone Script

  • Good morning my name is <your name> and I am a current student phoning from the
  • University of Warwick, in the UK, am I speaking to <offer holder name>? I am studying <your course> at Warwick and I’d like to talk about the offer you hold to study <course>. Are you happy to talk for a few minutes?
  • Our records also show that you have accepted your offer to study at Warwick this year, is that correct?
  • I am calling you to let you know that we are unable to confirm your place as we are missing some documentation from you. This could be verification of your high school qualifications, an English language certificate or a reference. Details of the conditions of your offer can be found in your offer email. We cannot issue your CAS number so that you can obtain a visa until we have received this information and made your offer unconditional.
  • The 31st August is the very latest deadline by which we can receive these documents. We really need these documents sooner than that so that you can get your visa sorted in time, but at the latest by the 31st August to guarantee your place at Warwick. Do you think you’ll be able to get the documents sent through to us today? If the student has already sent in their documents ask them when they sent these and make a note of the date in the comments box.

REMEMBER the place CANNOT be guaranteed and the CAS cannot be issued until all our conditions are met so the student should arrange for the missing documents to be received as soon as possible.

**See also Important Visa information (page 9 of the handbook)

  • Is there anything else I can help you with today?
  • Thank you very much for your time. If you have any further general questions in the future, please do not hesitate to contact the International Office regional team (page 12) by phone or email. Goodbye.

For details of what documents are missing:

The student may still need to send in one of the 3 following documents:

  • High School Qualifications
  • English language qualifications
  • Reference (s)

Certify your Transcript or Certificate(s)

If we have asked you to provide a certified copy of your transcript or qualification certificates then you need to complete the following steps:
Retrieve the official transcript or certificate of your results and take it to your school/college office or registry.
Ask your school /college o provide you with a copy of this transcript which is then signed by an authorised member of staff and stamped with the official school/college stamp. As exam results cannot be on headed paper, please ask your school to send a covering letter.

Once you have completed these steps you need to send your certified documents to the Undergraduate Admissions Team.
Please note that if your document is in a LANGUAGE OTHER THAN ENGLISH you must also
provide a verified (i.e. signed and stamped) TRANSLATION.

Prepare an official copy of your reference

If we have asked you to prepare an official copy of the reference you provided on your UCAS form, you need to complete the following steps:
Ask your school /college office or registry to print a copy of your reference. Since exam results cannot be on headed paper, so please ask your school to send a covering letter

  • Ensure that a referee or another authorised member of staff at the school /college signs this reference.
  • Ensure that this reference is stamped with the official school /college stamp

Once you have completed these steps, you need to send your documents to the Undergraduate Admissions Team.

Sending your verified documents to the University of Warwick

Via email

We will accept the verified documents via email if they are sent to us directly from an authorised member of staff at your school, college or university using their official school email address. Please ensure that all documents are fully verified with required stamps and signatures and that your ten-digit UCAS ID is quoted in the email.
The email address to use is Please note that we do not accept forwarded emails.

Via fax or post
You can send your documents via fax or post if they are prepared and fully verified with required stamps and signatures. However, please note that we can only accept faxes directly from your school or college's fax number and not from your own or another private fax number. Faxes should also include a cover letter on school or college headed paper.

Using the Software

Open up Internet explorer and type the following URL:

Login using the details below
Username: Your ‘Initial.Surname’
Password: 123456

  • You will see a list of offer holders assigned to you. Click on a name to retrieve details.
  • Check the local time using the link ‘what is the local time?’ We should not be making calls before 9am or after 9pm at the local time.
  • Make the phone call by first trying the mobile/correspondence number and then the home number if the mobile/correspondence is unsuccessful. Use the ‘International Dialling Codes’ link on the right hand side of the screen to help you. You will need to dial ‘9’ for an outside line.
  • Once the call is complete, under the call status drop-down box, select an option from the list below. This will mark the call as completed and remove it from your current calls list:

Student still needs to sit exam/English Language Test
Student still waiting for exam results/English Language Results
Student will forward documents ASAP
Student has already sent documents
Student is withdrawing their offer
Call-back (engaged)
Call-back (student not available)
Invalid Number**

FYI– an alternate Option list may come up depending on data upload compatibility:
0 - Would decline the offer
1 – Likely to decline the offer
2 – No Indication
3 – Likely to accept the offer
4 – Would accept the offer
Call back (engaged)
Call back (student not available)
Invalid number**

  • Before moving on to your next call, remember to make a note of the type of information students asked you for using the tick boxes under “Requests for additional information”. These boxes are simply for our information so that we know what type of questions our offer holders would like to find answers to. Ticking this box does not mean that students will receive additional information from us on this area.
  • Please also update the comments box with a brief sentence to summarise the phone call.
  • When you are ready to move on to the next call, click the “finish” button at the bottom of the page.
  • If you have any further questions, please ask and we will happily clarify anything you are unsure about

Important Notes

  • Please note that the objective is not to ask the student outright whether they will accept the offer, however some students may offer up this information and you will usually get a general feeling from the conversation as to how to mark the call. If you are unable to get through to the student or are asked to call back later, you can mark the call as a call back and return to it later in the tab “Call Back Calls”.
  • Please do NOT mark any calls using the “Invalid number” function **
  • Using the Invalid number option will simply move the call into your call back list and will not remove it from your calls. If a number is invalid, please mark it as option 2 (no indication) and type NI in the comments box.

Quick Links

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UG Verification of Results

English Language
English Language Requirements
Pre-sessional English

Student Funding
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Careers Service

Students’ Union

Warwick Sport

Warwick Volunteers

Immigration Service

Immigration FAQ's

The most important thing to remember is that immigration advice can only be given by qualified members of staff. It is ok to provide offer holders with ‘information’ which can be found on our website, but you should not offer advice that applies only to that individual. If in doubt, ask offer holders to send us an e-mail or give us a call.

It is easy to fall into the trap of offering advice when offer holders start asking you questions that are personal to their situation. Don’t be afraid to inform them that you are not a qualified adviser, and to direct them to immigration services. – which is a free service.

Please see below list of FAQ’s and the relevant webpage for further information.

What type of visa do I need?
It is important that you ensure you have an appropriate visa or immigration permission for studying in the UK. Your immigration permission should match your main purpose for being in the UK. For example, if your main purpose for being in the UK is to study full-time, you should apply for a Tier 4 Student visa.

Can I enrol on my current visa?
There is a difference between being able to enrol at Warwick on your current visa, and being able to enter the UK on your current visa. Therefore for enrolment queries, refer to the following link: and for entry to the UK on an existing visa, please see the following link:
Please be aware that it is risky to enter the UK in order to take up a course of study at the University of Warwick with a non-Warwick Tier 4 visa, even if the date of the visa is valid. An Immigration Officer may not be satisfied that you meet the Immigration Rules for entry as a Tier 4 student when your current Tier 4 visa is linked to an institution by whom you are no longer sponsored and you could be refused entry to the UK. Therefore, in all cases you would be advised to apply for a new Tier 4 visa with a University of Warwick CAS number for the correct course.

Where can I find information about how to apply for a Tier 4 visa?
Ask offer holders to read the Tier 4 policy guidance and see our website for further details.
On this page, there are some very useful videos taking students through the overseas application process along with essential information they will need to know about documents they will need.

What about the 5 year CAP? How do I calculate this?
This is quite a complicated area. Offer holders will be asked about their previous study by admissions as part of the CAS process. The admissions department will calculate whether they are nearing the end of the 5 year study cap.

Credibility Interviews:
Many students will be concerned about this. Please direct them to the following link that helps student prepare for the type of questions they may be asked.

When will I get my CAS?
Once you have met all the academic conditions of your offer and have firmly accepted a place to study at the University of Warwick, your Admissions team will contact you about your CAS. Please check your emails regularly and respond to their requests for information in a timely manner so as to avoid any unnecessary delays. We cannot assign a CAS if you have not accepted our offer or if you still have conditions outstanding.

How will I receive my CAS?
All CAS correspondence is carried out by e-mail. A CAS is not an official document, but a 14 digit number that should be written/typed into their application form. CAS numbers will be received by e-mail.

How much money do I need to show for my Tier 4 visa application? (Finances are the most common area for visa refusal – it is very important that the correct amount of money is shown for the required amount of time and is presented in the required format).
Always direct to our website:
If offer holders start asking questions about whether they have an established presence or questioning whether their fixed deposits of bank statements are suitable – this is entering the realms of advice. Please ask them to e-mail

Can I work during my studies?
It is likely that you will be able to work or volunteer if you have a Tier 4 visa. For further information about working during your studies, please see the following link:
Students coming to the UK as student visitors or general visitors are not permitted to work in any capacity.

Where can I look for temporary work during my studies if my visa permits me to study?
The University have an in-house job agency called Unitemps. Please see the following link for further details and job vacancies:

When can I submit an application for a Tier 4 visa?

You must not apply any earlier than 3 months prior to the start of your course. The course start date is stated on your CAS. If you are outside the UK, you can make your application when you have received your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) and you have all of the other supporting documentation, in particular, your financial evidence, which must be in a format that is acceptable to the Home Office. to make application UK

My exam results aren’t out until August and I’m worried that I won’t get my visa in time, is there anything I can do?
Don’t worry – many students are in the same situation. Check the conditions of your offer and ensure that your exam results are the only thing that the Admissions team are waiting for. If you have any other outstanding conditions, verification of a reference for example, provide this well in advance. Prepare the supporting documents that you will need for your visa application. Aim to have all your visa application documents ready so that you can apply as soon as your place at Warwick is confirmed. Many Entry Clearance posts offer a premium visa application service which costs a little more (£100 approx) but which is often quicker than submitting a standard application. If you are particularly worried about the time it may take to get your visa you could consider booking a premium appointment. You can check the processing times for your local visa application centre here:

The immigration home page can be found at the following link:

For further detail or advice, please ask students to get in touch with us at

Home Office Website:

UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA)

Visa processing times

Contact details for Warwick International Office Immigration Services:
Tel: 02476 523706

Important Contacts

Undergraduate Admissions Team

Fax number is +44 (0)24 7652 4649. The postal address is:
Undergraduate Admissions Team
Student Admissions and Recruitment Office
University House
The University of Warwick
Coventry CV4 8UW

Internaitonanl Office Regional Team:

  • Africa: 0044 (0)24 7652 4982 (Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, Zimbabwe)
  • Australasia: 0044 (0)24 7652 8299
  • East Asia: 0044 (0)24 7652 8300 (China, Japan, Taiwan)
  • Europe, Russia and Central Asia: 0044 (0)24 7652 4982 (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Kazachstan, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, ,Slovenia, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine)
  • Latin America: 0044 (0)24 7652 8300 (Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico)
  • Middle East and North Africa: 0044 (0)24 7652 8299 (Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates)
  • North America and Caribbean: or 0044 (0)24 7652 3717 (Barbados, Canada, USA)
  • South Asia: 0044 (0)24 7657 2686 (Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka)
  • South East Asia: 0044 (0)24 7652 8299 (Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam)
  • UK International: 004(0)2476524982 (Current International Student studying in the UK)