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SITS Upgrades & Outages


The outage schedule for SITS is agreed annually.

Outages (to the live [PROD] SITS system) 2019

Date Duration Reason Status
15th April 2019 (17:00) to 17th April 2019 (17:00) 2.0 days Upgrade server operating system


21st May 2019 (17:00) to 23rd May 2019 (17:00) 2.0 days System Upgrade to v9.7.0






Upgrade / Outage dates to the archive (KEEP), test (SITST) and development (USER) versions of the system will be communicated to interested parties as these become available, major dates are noted below:

Environment Type Dates Status
SITS Test (SITST) Data Refresh 18/02/2019 - 21/02/19 Completed
SITS Test (SITST) Upgrade to 9.7.0 12/03/2019 (17:00) - 14/03/2019 (17:00) Completed
SITS Archive (KEEP) Upgrade to 9.7.0 19/08/19 (09:00) - 22/08/19 (13:00) Completed
SITS Development (USER) Data Refresh 14/01/2019 - 17/01/19 Completed
SITS Development (USER) Upgrade to 9.7.0 10/06/2019 (17:00) - 12/06/2019 (17:00) Completed

Note - for the SITST and USER environments a data refresh means that all data will be wiped and replaced with a copy of data on PROD. Users should therefore note these dates with caution to ensure that any developments are backed up before a refresh takes place.


The next SITS Upgrade will change the system from version 9.5.0, through v9.6.0 to v9.7.0. When considering release notes you should view both v9.6.0 and v9.7.0.


Release Notes

These are available to University of Warwick staff only: Tribal (SITS) Release Notes