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SITS Upgrades & Outages


The outage schedule for SITS is agreed annually.

Current Planned Outages (to the live [PROD] system)


Date Duration Reason Status
14th February 2018 1.0 day Operating System Patching

Confirmed - No outage required.

Depending on timings users may experience a "uniface" error message

which should be resolved by logging out and back in again.

The system should be considered to be at a low level of risk for the day.

9th and 10th May 2018

2.0 days System Upgrade to v9.5.0 Scheduled
6th June 2018 1.0 day Operating System Patching Scheduled
5th September 2018 1.0 day Operating System Patching


14th November 2018 1.0 day Operating System Patching



Upgrade / Outage dates to the archive (KEEP), test (SITST) and development (USER) versions of the system will be communicated to interested parties as these become available.



The next SITS Upgrade will change the system from version 9.3.0 in a double upgrade through v9.4.0 to v9.5.0. When considering release notes you should view both v9.4.0 and v9.5.0.


Release Notes

These are available to University of Warwick staff only: Tribal (SITS) Release Notes

Uniface error when running SITS following the Outage carried out on Wednesday 6th of September 2017

When running SITS Vision 930 Production (PROD), if you see an error referring to ‘uniface’ or get logged out of SITS, & you are using an IT Services managed desktop pc please proceed as follows:

(If you are not using an IT Services managed desktop you will need to contact your local IT support)

1. If SITS is running, close it

2. Start Windows explorer and browse to M:\Software\SITSRepair You should see a file named ‘SITSRepair.BAT’ as per the screenshot below.

File Location

3. Double-click this file, then click ‘Run’ at the security warning prompt as per the screenshot below.

Open File

You will probably see a black window briefly appear then disappear.

SITS should now work correctly.

Please note that if you run SITS on more than one computer you may need to repeat this on other computers if the uniface error recurs.

If running this repair doesn’t resolve the uniface error, please contact the help desk (email