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Interactive content

Build engagement, topic confidence and identify key information
With simple interactive elements and feedback

Help students engage and understand their knowledge gaps


  • Aid self-guided learning, help students identify key information and test understanding via integrated formative assessment.
  • Give students immediate, automated feedback tailored to their responses.
  • Direct relevant feedback and interaction drives engagement with content.
  • Allows full multimodal approach, using various media formats and activities all in one learning resource.
  • Visually stimulating layouts and interaction that integrates seamlessly with video, image, audio and text content.

Interactive content at Warwick using H5P

H5P is available directly in Moodle, enabling you to build H5P content and activities alongside other teaching materials and resources in your Moodle space.

  • H5P activity offers over 40 content types allowing you to create activities that enhance your content.
  • Allow students to test their knowledge of threshold concepts without breaking the lessons flow.
  • Control how student’s progress through content based on their responses.
  • Integrate formative assessment to check students understanding.

Example Recipes - How interactive content can be used to enhance your teaching.

Recipe description 1