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Supporting the use of technology to enhance and develop research across the University.

Research Surveys

Design and Processing of paper-based surveys (with TeleForm) and online surveys (with Qualtrics):

“The eAssessment team provided services that were absolutely critical for my survey based research projects. They transformed my survey into an online format for me and processed both the online survey returns, as well as the paper copies of the survey that I distributed, with regular Excel spreadsheets.

They processed the paper survey returns using scanning technology, eliminating the costs associated with manual data inputting, as well as the inevitable risks of human error, thus ensuring the data I got back from my surveys was both error-free returned in a timely manner.

They proved to be a wonderful alternative to using online survey companies, whose data protection policies are typically not as stringent as those required by ethics committees. I really cannot recommend their services highly enough for anyone undertaking survey research!”

Felicity Boardman
Associate Professor at WMS

Digital Humanities

We offer a free consultancy service on technologies for digital humanities to help exploit opportunities for research and it's engagement with academic and non-academic audiences. We get involved at any stage of a project and will be able make referrals to other professional services at the University as necessary.

Please talk to us about:

  • The challenges you have with the established research methods and tools you use.
  • Ideas and future plans that could have digital components.
  • How to communicate digital humanities methods and tools into data management plans.
  • Your interests and needs for training and support on topics we cover.
  • Opportunities to collaborate with you on existing projects to create digital outputs.

Academic Technology offer a range of chargeable services to the research community at Warwick where requirements extend beyond the standard support.

Research Surveys

The collection and analysis of raw data is an important part of many academic research project. The collected data adds weight to your research and its analysis supports or disproves your theory. We will help you to design and deliver your survey using online as well as paper methods to make sure it can reach the widest possible audience.

Our service is chargeable for any development work and for scanning of paper surveys.

Digital Humanities

We are keen to collaborate on the design and delivery digital humanities projects within the team, but we have more demand than we can agree to take on. When evaluating whether we will design or build for a project we consider the match of our specialist digital humanities technical skills and the indirect benefit to future research projects and the University. In circumstances where we don't undertake the work, we will assist you in recruiting someone or help you find and manage the relationship with an appropriate technical partner.

Our time is chargeable for any direct development, technical project management and project workshop facilitation we do. We have found that for delivering these kinds of technical projects, adopting an agile methodology to the work achieves the best outcomes for all. We've written-up our ways of working for you to understand what it's like to work with us.

Research Survey Tools

online data collection - Qualtrics

Powerful online survey and data collection software, which is now covered by a site-wide licence at Warwick and available to all staff and students. Please see the 'Qualtrics at Warwick - summary of features' for an overview of included features. Anything marked as 'add-on' is not included in our licence and so not available for use at Warwick. For example, the Offline App and Qualtrics API are not included.

Please read Qualtrics at Warwick guide to find out what is required to get an account and how you can start using the software with your Warwick account.

Training ¦ Login ¦ Guides

paper data collection - TeleForm

OpenText TeleForm is a data capture software enables information to be extracted from paper and electronic forms that are captured using scanning technology or collected from fax, email, post, file servers, and integrated systems. Using advanced recognition technologies, such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), and barcode recognition, the best data capture software solutions help eliminate time-consuming manual document sorting and data entry to ensure a more a streamlined line of business workflow.

Request support from eassessment at warwick dot ac dot uk

Digital Humanities

Research data management

All researchers produce ‘data’ in the course of their projects and investigations.

Research Data Management face-to-face training

Digital tools for research

This free, online-only course aimed primarily at research students and early career researchers will introduce a variety of essential online resources to enhance how you conduct, manage and communicate your research.

Digital Tools for Researchers 18/19 on Moodle.

Research interviews conducted over videoconference call

Research interviews conducted over videoconference call