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Enable activity completion

Activity completion allows you to set completion criteria in a specific activity's settings allowing both students and teachers to track progress via an easy-to-see checklist.

  • Activities can be marked complete manually or editors can set specific completion criteria that, when met, automatically mark the activity as complete.
  • Students can view the completion status of activities on the Moodle course page.
  • Teachers track completion using the activity completion report. The report lists participants against activities with a checkbox to indicate the completion status.

Activity completion can be used as a way of restricting access to an activity based on a student having first completed another activity.

In this guide:

How to enable activity completion

The first step is to enable completion tracking at the course level.

  1. Click the Actions menu.
  2. Select Edit settings from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click the Completion tracking header to expand the section.
  4. From the Enable completion tracking drop-down menu select Yes.
  5. From the Show activity completion conditions drop-down menu, choose whether you want to display the completion criteria on the course homepage.
  6. Click Save and display.

Setting completion criteria for activities

    You can use this process for existing items, and also when creating a new item (skip to point 4).

    1. Enable Edit mode .
    2. Click Edit to the right of the activity or resource that you want to include in your activity completion report.
    3. Select Edit settings from the drop-down menu.
    4. Click on Activity completion.
    5. Set the options for the activity to show as complete. The options are:
      • Do not indicate activity completion
      • Students can manually mark the activity as completed - participants can indicate they have completed the task by clicking Mark as done.
      • Show activity as complete when specific conditions are met - set conditions such as getting a passing grade, posting a certain number of discussions to a forum, viewing the resource, etc.
    6. Click Save and return to course.

    You can also set the completion criteria in bulk and set the default criteria for future activities by clicking on the course Actions menu and selecting Course completion from the drop-down menu.

    See Moodle Docs for more information on default and bulk activity completion settings.

      When setting criteria for multiple items, you will only see criteria common to all of them i.e. criteria will not be visible if they only relate to a subset of the items.

      Viewing the activity completion report

      1. Click on the Actions menu.
      2. Select More... at the bottom of the menu.
      3. From the Reports section, select Activity completion.

      The Activity completion report will open. Participants are listed in rows and activities with activity completion enabled appear as columns to the right. Each activity has a checkbox for each participant which gives a visual indication of their completion status.

      Activity completion icons, or check boxes, give a visual indication of the current activity status. They provide information on whether this is manually by the participant or automatic based on criteria set by a user with editing rights.

      The following icons appear in the activity completion report so you can view completion at a glance.

      Automatic versus manual completion
      Dashed line box Box with dashed line Activity is completed automatically. For example: a quiz with Completion tracking set to "Show activity as complete when conditions are met".
      Solid line box Box with solid line Activity is completed manually by learner. For example: a file with Completion tracking set to "Students can manually mark the activity as completed".
      Completion status
      Dashed line box
      Solid line box
      Empty box Activity not complete.
      Dashed line box, blue tick
      Solid line box, blue tick
      Blue tick Activity completed and no passing grade applies. For example: passing grade does not apply to this activity type, or passing grade has not been set as part of the activity's completion criteria.
      Dashed line box, green tick Green tick Completed, activity has passing grade which was achieved.
      Dashed line box, red cross Red cross Activity not completed and completion not possible. For example: all quiz attempts have been used without achieving the passing grade.
      Override completion status
      Dashed red line box, blue tick
      Solid red line box, blue tick Solid red line box, empty
      Box with red line Completion status has been manually set by teacher, manager or site administrator.

      Hover over the icons in the report to see summary information about the participant, activity and current status e.g. 'Simon Singh, Mahara Assignment 101: Not completed'.

      More information on activity completion is available at Moodle Docs.Link opens in a new window

      The information on this page relates to Moodle v3.11 and was last updated November 2022.


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