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Check the status of submissions

Submission Status

Once an assignment is set up an overview of the submission can be seen by selecting the activity, either directly from the Moodle page or gradebook. This page will give you a general overview of the submission status.

Grading summary

Additional note: Students when viewing the activity will be able to see their personal submissions status

Submission status

From this summary page selecting ‘View all submissions’ will take you to a more detailed overview of each student’s submission. This page will vary slightly depending on the specific assignment settings, however next to the grade button you will see the individual status of that student’s submission

View submission status

In the Status column, next to the grade option for each assignment there are three pieces of information that can be displayed here.

Submission state

  1. The Submission state
    • No Submission
    • Submitted for grading
  2. When overdue an overdue status will also show.
    This will show the period of time that has expired since the assignment closed, and if the student is permitted to submit late this status will update to show the period that the submission was made after the assignment closed once the student submits.
  3. The marking state
    • Not Marked
    • Graded
The information on this page relates to Moodle v3.4 and was last updated August 2018.


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