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Course completion

Course completion allows course leaders, editing teachers etc to set completion criteria for the course. When students meet the requirements, the course is marked complete. Progress towards completion can be seen in the course completion report, and the course completion status block.

Turn Completion tracking on

By default, completion tracking is turned off. To turn it on, click on the main settings cog-wheel (top right of the course) and choose Edit settings.

Edit settings menu

Scroll down the course settings page and click on 'Course tracking', this will then allow you to turn completion tracking on.

Completion tracking

Click 'Save and display' at the bottom of the page.

Save completion tracking settings

Next choose the Course completion settings, again from the Edit menu.


Course Completion Settings

Enable one or more of the conditions below and save changes in order to activate course completion.

Course completion options

  1. General
    Choose here how you wish to mark the course complete - whether you want Any (one or more) or All of the requirements that follow to count towards completion.
  2. Activity completion
    Tick the boxes of the activities you wish to count towards completion of the course. (You need to have Activity completion enabled to be able to do this. You can decide whether ALL of the activities must be completed or ANY one of them. Course completion by activity
  3. Completion of other courses
    This setting makes "the completion of another course" a condition for completing the course you are currently working in i.e. the current course will not be marked complete until the first course has been marked complete. Select one or more courses in the "Courses available box" and choose whether ALL or ANY one of the courses is sufficient for completion.
    Course completion by other courses
  4. Date
    Tick the Enable box and choose a date after which the course will be declared complete.
    Course completion by date
  5. Enrolment duration
    Check the Enable box and choose a number of days (from 1 to 365) from enrolment at which point the course will be marked complete.
    Course completion by duration
  6. Unenrolment
    Check the enable box to enable course completion when the participant is unenrolled.
  7. Course grade
    Enable this to set a required course grade for course completion - Please note that this is TOTAL points not a percentage which will need to be taken into account when creating activities.
    Course completion by grade
  8. Manual self-completion
    Allow students to mark the course complete using the self-completion block. See 'Adding a block'.
    Course completion by manual option

    Participants click the "Complete course link" in the block, confirm they have completed the course and the course status will change to "complete".
    Selfcompletion block
  9. Manual completion by others
    Finally, you can choose to allow manual completion on behalf of the student by any participant with a matching role. Commonly this would be where the course leader allows manual completion for Editing teachers and markers. Setting ALL selected roles in that example, both the marker and the editing teacher would need to manually mark the course complete for the participants.
    Course completion by  other roles

View the course completion report

Once you have added completion tracking and set up course completion criteria, you can access the report by clicking on the main settings cog wheel (top right of the course) and choose 'More'.

Access more settings

Scroll down the screen and you will see a section titled 'Reports'. Here you find a link to the 'Course completion' report.

Course completion reports

This opens the course completion report which shows participants progress towards completion.


Course completion status block

Another way of accessing the completion report is via the Course completion status block (again, see the 'Add a block' guide).

For editors, this shows a message that 'You are currently not being tracked ... " and has a link to view course report.

Course completion status block

Student participants will see information specific to their personal progress - current status and the criteria required to complete the course. Clicking on more details will take participants to a summary screen.

Course completion block view for students

The information on this page relates to Moodle v3.4 and was last updated October 2018.


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