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Creating accessible content

General Guidance

Guidance for Authors provides helpful guidance on creating accessible materials, including:

  • General Guidance
  • Microsoft Office
  • Web Pages
  • Portable Document Format (PDF)
  • Multimedia

Use paragraph styles

Using headings is one way to make your text based resources more accessible. When you use heading and paragraph styles, screen reader users can quickly navigate to the content they need as screen readers and text-to-speech tools are programmed to recognise them. Breaking up long paragraphs of text will also make your content more readable.

The Atto Toolbar has an in-built 'Paragraph styles' represented by a button with an 'i' icon.

Check colour contrast

When using text, you should ensure there is sufficient contrast between the text and it's background. Participants need to be able to read the content you provide, without sufficient contrast they may not be able to. See the example below. Which sentence do you find easier to read?

This is a box with text.

This text has sufficient contrast.

This text doesn't.

WebAIM provide a very helpful contrast checker which will show you whether your foreground and background colours pass colour contrast requirements.


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