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Known issues

http: to https:

Content embedded on to Moodle with a http: url is not displaying. This is caused by Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer blocking http: content as it is insecure. For example a YouTube video added to Moodle using an embed code with a http: url like the following:

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

http to https error

http error example

So far we have encountered issues with embedded YouTube videos and Prezi presentations. Videos added to Moodle using the eStream embed code generated from eStream may also be affected.


Permanent fix - edit the embed code and replace http: with https:

Participants First name/Surname not Displayed

In the Participants list, the first name and surname column is not displaying correctly so no participant names are visible.


Hover over the participants picture to see their first name and surname.

eStream Full Screen in Internet Explorer - resolved

This issue has been resolved and all videos should work as expected in all browsers.

When viewing eStream content in Internet Explorer the button to make the content full screen does not work.


Use a different browser such as Google Chrome

Moodle Quiz Deletion Error

When deleting a quiz an error message is shown and it appears the quiz has not been deleted.


Once the quiz has been deleted and the error message shown, refresh the page and the quiz will be removed.

Footer Shortcuts

The shortcuts at the bottom of Moodle are difficult to read as the white text does not contrast enough against the grey background.

Manage Badges Icons

The icons on the manage badges page are overlapping and difficult to use.

Activity Navigation

Activity Navigation is not compatible with our theme. This is a known issue impacting many custom themes.

Grid Format

If using the following settings:

Course layout: Show one section per page - Grey out unavailable: YES

If you hide or restrict access to SECTION 1 - all of the sections and content 'disappear' from under the grid when editing is turned on, ALL grid links become inactive, as does the 'Add an Activity or resource' link.


Change grey out unavailable to no which is the default anyway.


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