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Review results of quizzes

Once attempts have been made, when you click on the link to the quiz from your Moodle course page, you will see a link to look at an overview of the attempts. You will also notice that the above preview quiz now button will have disappeared. To preview after attempts have been made, click on the silver settings cog-wheel top right of the quiz page and click 'preview'.

Preview results

The attempts page gives a useful overview of the class attempts including the total grade, time taken and, shows where, for example, many students are getting a particular question wrong, helps you to quickly identify areas of concern. Notice you can also review individual attempts.

Quiz overview

This data can be exported using the options at the top of the page. The grades are also recorded in the course Grade Book which is accessible by clicking on the 'Grades' link in the left-hand menu which can be open and closed on the course page.

Download responses

The information on this page relates to Moodle v3.4 and was last updated August 2018.


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