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Using clear and concise language

Designing your Moodle space with accessibility in mind benefits everyone.

The language you use has a profound impact on how easily your participants understand your materials. Use simple language and formatting, where you can.

  • Write in short, simple and clear sentences and paragraphs.
  • Avoid using unnecessarily complex words and phrases.
  • Consider providing a glossary of terms readers may not know.
  • Expand acronyms on first use. For example, "The Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is".
  • Formatting text as bullet point or numbered lists, as appropriate.
  • Consider using images, illustrations, video, audio, and symbols to help clarify meaning.
  • Use strong verbs (doing/action) rather than noun phrases.

The Hemingway App highlights lengthy, complex sentences and common errors, helping you to create more accessible content.


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