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Using Moodle accessibility tools

Designing your Moodle space with accessibility in mind benefits everyone.

The Moodle text toolbar or Atto text editor provides two tools to help you create accessible text based content.

Moodle Accessibility Checker

The Atto Toolbar includes an Accessibility Checker. The Accessibility Checker helps to check for common accessibility errors in text which could prevent all users from accessing information or functionality equally.

The Accessibility Checker will check for

  • Images with missing or empty alt text (unless they have the presentation role)
  • Insufficient contrast of font colour and background colour
  • Long blocks of text that are not sufficiently broken up into headings
  • All tables include captions
  • Tables should not contain merged cells as they are difficult to navigate with screen readers
  • All tables should contain row or column headers

The toolbar icon is of a figure in a black circle.

Accessibility Checker icon

A screenshot of the Accessibility Checker icon highlighted

The image below, shows the Accessibility Checker displaying it's results. It has identified the text and advises that "The colours of the foreground and background text do not have enough contrast. To fix this warning, change either foreground or background colour of the text so that it is easier to read".

A screenshot of the accessibility checker results

Screenreader Helper

The Screenreader helper provides additional information about the currently selected text (e.g. is it bold), as well as a listing any images or links in the text. The image below show's the Screenreader helper identifying the style, links and images present in the text.

A screenshot of the ScreenReader Helper


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