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Track activity completion

This guide explains how to view activity completion progress as a teacher using the activity completion report and as a student on the course home page.

Activity completion must be enabled for the Moodle space and the appropriate activities.

Activity completion icons

Activity completion icons, or check boxes, give a visual indication of the current activity status. They provide information on whether this is manually by the participant or automatic based on criteria set by a user with editing rights.

The following icons appear on both the activity completion report and the course homepage.

Grey box with grey check mark Manual completion enabled - this is only visible to the editor in editing mode
Empty grey box Manual completion - not yet marked completed by the participant.
Grey box with blue check mark Manual completion - marked completed (i.e. checked) by the participant
Dashed line grey box with grey check mark Automatic activity completion criteria have been set - this is only visible to the editor in editing mode
Empty dashed line grey box Automatic activity completion has been enabled but the criteria have not been met yet
Dashed line grey box with blue check mark Automatically complete as the criteria have been met
Dashed line grey box with red x Automatically failed - the activity has been completed but the passing grade criteria were not reached*
Dashed line grey box with green check mark Automatically passed - the activity has been completed with a passing grade*
*Specific to the Quiz activity

Viewing the Activity completion report (for teachers)

  1. Click on the cog icon to open the actions menu.
  2. Select 'More...' at the bottom of the menu.
  3. Select 'Activity completion' in the Reports section.

The Activity completion report will open. Participants are listed in rows and activities with activity completion enabled appear as columns to the right. Each activity has a checkbox for each participant which gives a visual indication of their completion status.

Hover over the icons to see summary information about the participant, activity and current status e.g. 'Simon Singh, Mahara Assignment 101: Not completed'.

Users with editing rights are able to manually check and uncheck activity completion boxes in the report if required.

Viewing activity completion in a Moodle space (for students)

Students can track their progress from the course page. The icons appear on the right-hand side of activities that have had activity completion tracking enabled.

If there is no tick box, completion tracking is not available for the activity.

The tick boxes will update when clicked on (for manual completion) or automatically when the relevant completion criteria are met e.g. when the activity is viewed, an entry is added, or a submission is made depending on the type of activity. In the event that this does not seem to be working, the student should contact the module leader for advice.

For more guidance on Activity completion please see:

The information on this page relates to Moodle v3.6 and was last updated January 2020.


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