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Mark activity completion manually

Activity completion allows users with appropriate rights to set completion criteria to activities and resources. This allows students and teachers to track progress through a course with an easy to see checklist.

Activity completion must be enabled for the Moodle space and the appropriate activities.

Mark activity completion manually - students

Students can manually mark an activity complete by clicking on the checkbox on the right hand side of an activity or resource once completed. Activity completion must have been enabled for the checkbox to be visible.

If you cannot manually check the completion box, the activity will have one or more criteria which will need to be met for the box to be automatically checked.

Mark activity completion manually - teachers

Once you have added completion tracking to all of the activities and resources that you want to include in your activity completion report, users with appropriate rights can access the completion report.

  1. Click on the gear icon and choose 'More'.
  2. Click on 'Activity completion' in the 'Reports' section.
  3. Tick activity completion box(es) for student(s), or indeed un-tick completion as and when required. The checkbox will turn red if an override has been applied.

Please also see the visual reference to completion checkboxes guide.

The information on this page relates to Moodle v3.6 and was last updated March 2020.


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