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Create narrated PowerPoints and add to Moodle

PowerPoint includes an in-built feature for adding audio narration to a PowerPoint presentation. In order to record narration, you must have a computer with a microphone and speakers, or a separate headset which you can plug in.

Narrate a PowerPoint

You can either record a slide show or insert audio to narrate a PowerPoint presentiation. Once narration has been added to the PowerPoint it can be exported/saved as a video file (.wmv or .mp4) and uploaded to your preferred streaming platform for transcription and sharing with students via Moodle.

  1. Follow the Microsoft guide, to either
    1. Record a slide show with narration and slide timingsLink opens in a new window including laser pointer and digital ink).
    2. Add or delete audio in your PowerPoint presentationLink opens in a new window to narrate slide by slide.
  2. Export (File > Export > Create a video) or save the file as a video (File > Save As > .mp4 or .wmv).
  3. Upload the video to Echo360 or Microsoft Stream.
  4. Share the videos from Echo360 or Microsoft Stream in Moodle.

Watch an LDCU workshop on Creating video with PowerPoint.

PowerPoint 365 for Windows provides the option for a webcam to be recorded as part of the slide show recording. This feature is not currently available in PowerPoint 365 for Mac.

Screen recording

PowerPoint also includes a screen recording feature that can be used to record and incorporate screen recordings in to a narrated PowerPoint. Follow the Record your screen in PowerPoint guide.


Understand the requirements for accessible video and audio for teaching.

Echo360 and Microsoft Stream provide automated transcription and are our recommended video hosting platforms.

The information on this page relates to PowerPoint and was last updated October 2020.


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