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Introduction to TurningPoint

TurningPoint is no longer available or supported at Warwick. Please see our guides on using Vevox which replaced TP in 2019.

TurningPoint is a Personal Response System (PRS) that is quick and easy to configure, with the ability to add questions into any existing PowerPoint presentations.

A Personal Response System (PRS), also known as Audience Response System, allows you to 'ask the audience' and get them to vote or answer questions whilst attending your lecture/presentation.

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Using Turning Point in your lecture, students can respond:

The benefits of using mobile devices are that lecturers are no longer reliant on the clickers and students are now able to use text in their responses. An individual account license from Turning Technologies enables up to 500 students to poll.

We recommend using personal mobile devices as University of Warwick students can be relied upon to have devices connected to wifi, as well as the skills needed to connect to your session. Clickers should be used with participants who are unlikely to have access to the University wifi network.

In both cases the presenter needs to have a Turning Technologies account associated with our license, and access to the Turning Point Cloud software. Students do not need to have personal accounts.


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