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Padlet Accessibility

This guide provides details of the status of common accessibility features in Padlet.

It is a University strategic priority that all staff and students have equal opportunities to thrive and progress at Warwick, irrespective of background, disability, faith, gender, race and sexual orientation. Warwick is committed to developing accessible and inclusive approaches to ensure that everyone can participate in our community.

Latest information

For more detail and the most up-to-date information, visit Padlet's Accessibility and Padlet guide.

Is Padlet accessible?

No, Padlet is not fully accessible. Padlet is not WCAG 2.1 AA compliant as required by The Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) Accessibility Regulations 2018.

Screen readers

Padlet is screen reader compatible.

Keyboard Navigation

Keyboard navigation is possible on the log in page and dashboard only.

Colour contrast

Colour contrast cannot be controlled natively. Therefore, a browser extension, such as High Contrast for Chrome, is recommended.

When creating a Padlet, you should select a plain background with sufficient contrast between the background and cards.


If you intend to use Padlet you should:

  • Consider whether an alternative approach would be more suitable.
  • Ensure participants are aware of the accessibility issues before you use it.
  • Encourage participants to let you know if the accessibility issues will prevent them from full participation.
    • Discuss mitigations with the participant or consider another approach.
  • Ensure that text descriptions are present for any images.
  • Where video is used, provide transcripts or host the videos on Echo360 or Microsoft Stream where automated transcriptions can be made available.

What alternatives could I use?

  • Use Office 365 for web as a space to collect ideas e.g. Word or OneNote. Office provide a number of accessibility features to support users.
  • Use a Moodle Wiki or Forum as a space for students to share comments, ideas or work.
  • Use Vevox Q and A to gather ideas and questions.

UCL have created a list of activities and suggested alternatives to Padlet.


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