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Introduction to Vevox

Vevox is a personal response system (PRS) that your teacher might use in teaching sessions or offline as a way to engage with you and your peers, to understand what teaching styles work better than others, how you are progressing or to hear about other issues that you require clarification for.

In this guide:

Vevox Support

Login to Vevox

Watch the Introduction to Vevox video (84Mb)

How to access Vevox

  1. Navigate to the website on your laptop or smartphone.
  2. Type the Session ID in the provided field. Your teacher will provide you with a 9 digit Session ID. The dashes will be entered automatically, you only have to enter the digits.
  3. Click Join.

Even though Vevox is mostly used anonymously at Warwick, your teacher has the option to ask you and your peers to specify your name when accessing a Vevox session so that they can identify your responses. For information on data protection, please see below.

How to engage with the Vevox application

There are different activities of which your teacher might have prepared one or more for your class in Vevox. Once you accessed Vevox, you can navigate to the three types of activities from the icons in the top bar:


The survey feature allows you to answer a set of question within a time frame specified by your teacher, usually in your own time outside of teaching sessions. Surveys can exist of multiple-choice, textual, rating or numeric questions. You can change your answers up to the point when the survey is closed. The survey could be used for peer reviews, to gather feedback on the module, to assess your and your peers' understanding of learning content, etc.


Depending on how your teacher set up the Q&A feature you might be able to use it in different ways. The following possibilities exist:

  • You can ask questions at any time during a teaching session, i.e. as long as your teacher has the Q&A switched on. Please note that your teacher might have switched moderation on which means that your question has to be confirmed by them before your peers can see it. The advantage is that you can ask for clarification on key concepts, administrative issues or alike without interrupting a session.
  • Your teacher might send you and your peers a question(s) through the Q&A feature to which you can respond. This information can help your teacher to understand how you are progressing, whether the teaching style suits you etc. to help them improve their teaching design and support for you.
  • Your teacher might share a link to a resource (website, PDF, etc.) with you. You can indicate your acknowledgement of the link by clicking the thumbs up icon.

To send a question or response in Q&A, type your text into the field Ask a question and press the send button.


A poll in Vevox is similar to the survey in that your teacher will ask you a set of questions. The difference being that polls are usually run in synchronous sessions, all students are answering questions at about the same time. Your teacher controls when you move from one question to the next one which allows them, if desired, to share responses with you and your peers. In that way you can learn what others think or know about a topic.

How to leave a Vevox session

  1. Click on the menu icon in the top left corner of the Vevox session.
  2. Click Exit Session.

Data protection

Your teacher may use Vevox, and ask you to respond to questions and provide text feedback. The information that you provide is held within the Vevox session page that your teacher has set up. It is not used for any purpose other than that specified by your teacher, which may be for enhancing your learning experience or to help them improve their teaching. In most cases Vevox is used anonymously. However, your teacher may require you to provide your name at the start of the session. All data provided must be used confidentially, in full compliance with the GDPR legislation. Your teacher is in full control of the data you provide, and will delete it once it is no longer needed for teaching purposes.

You can read the full terms and conditions for Vevox, as well as information about data security and GDPR, on the Vevox GDPR and security information