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image Guidance for letting a student property

Letting your property as student accommodation can be daunting. Our easy to digest infographic gives you an idea of the main areas to consider when looking to let a student property.

Understanding students needs

Understanding the needs and requirements of students is hugely important when providing student accommodation. To ensure we provide the right types of properties that students want to live in, we have recently commissioned our student satisfaction survey.

image Mistakes to avoid when letting a property

Letting out your property may seem like an easy way to make money, and when done correctly it can be a great source of regular income. But there are many potential pitfalls that unassuming landlords may fall into.

image Becoming a student landlord

Letting your property to students can be a great option for many landlords. With year to year turnover of students, there is always a need for student accommodation.

This means a regular source of tenants for your property, which of course means a regular income. Before letting your property though there are a few required regulations to follow and set expectations that must be in place.