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Becoming a student property landlord

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Letting your property to students can be a great option for many landlords. With year to year turnover of students, there is always a need for student accommodation.

This means a regular source of tenants for your property, which of course means a regular income. Many student landlord agencies also offer a fully managed option, meaning that everything is taken care of during a tenancy.

Before letting your property though there are a few required regulations to follow and set expectations that must be in place.

Gas and electricity

Landlords have a responsibility to ensure gas and electricity within the property meet the legal requirements. You must ensure fixed electrical installations are safe, as well as any other electrical appliances that are supplied. Annual gas safety checks must be made on all gas appliances, flues and installation pipe work in the property.


If supplying furniture, it must meet fire resistance requirements. These include meeting specific ignition requirements, being cigarette resistant and having a permeant label attached for new furniture.


For any property built pre-2000, an Asbestos Management survey must be carried out. This is to ensure tenants are not exposed to any risks, and this can only be achieved by identifying, assessing, monitoring and managing any risk.

House in Multiple Occupation (HMO)

You may need a HMO licence if your rented property meets a number of set criteria. This includes being three or more storeys, having five or more tenants and sharing facilities such as bathroom and kitchen. The need for a HMO licence changes depending on what district council your property is under, so be sure to check your local council website.

Property expectations

Many agencies that specialise in student lettings will have certain expectations and requirements for properties that they take on. This can include smoke detectors fitted in specified locations, secure doors and windows and a required list of furniture.