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Successfully working with landlords for over 40 years

We look after our landlords and work to develop long-standing relationships. Providing peace of mind, security and trouble-free tenancies is key to what we do.

With a constant demand for student property, working with us takes away all the hassle for you.

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Taking care of every need

We work with both sole-property landlords and property developers who have a portfolio of student accommodation. You may be renting out one student property in Coventry to ensure a guaranteed income or you may be a property developer in Leamington looking for a regular stream of tenants.

Whatever your situation, we think it's important to hear from people just like you about how we can help.

Coventry Landlords
Nick and Ingrid

Landlords based in Coventry

"There’s mitigation of risk because they deal with all the tenant management."

“There are several advantages to using Warwick Accommodation for us as landlords. There’s mitigation of risk because they deal with all the tenant management so all the current regulations about identity checking and everything isn’t something we have to get involved with at all.

They also take the risk away from us in terms of money. We get a guaranteed income off the university. It takes away all that hassle for us and minimises a lot of potential issues too.”

Landlord in Leamington

Landlord in Leamington

"Students are always going to need accommodation so it’s a good partnership to get involved with."

"The reputation of the University is unbeatable so letting through Warwick Accommodation means I’m letting through a solid financial institution with Grade A credentials. I trust them. I have certainty of dealing with a reputable organisation with staff who know the market in-depth.

The contract is signed by a major organisation and they give you revenue certainty – we’re paid 12 months of the year which helps me to plan around my income. We’ve built great relationships with the property managers and assistants - every single one is competent and friendly. Warwick Accommodation looks after its tenants, but also looks after us."

Kenilworth Landlords
Glenda and Roger

Landlords with student property in Kenilworth

"Rent has never been late and never been challenged in 20 years; that is really something."

"We feel confident that we can absolutely leave our property in the hands of Warwick Accommodation. The rent is perfectly secure and comes in regularly and you never have to chase it. In fact, it’s never been late and never been challenged in 20 years.

But for us that’s a plus anyway because rent isn’t our main issue. We appreciate that the property is taken care of. It’s just so well managed and the property managers are always up to speed. They keep us on the ball in terms of modern developments and informing us if there's anything to do. Also the security of having university students turn over from year to year ensures there’s no problem with having good tenants.

Working with Warwick Accommodation is absolutely trouble-free.