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Private lodgings

We operate lists of residents, by local area, who are providing self-catered accommodation within their properties suitable for individuals and couples - if stated (no children), which are available below:

General information

Please note that the responsibility for the booking of private accommodation rests between you and the landlord/landlady and you should therefore make very sure that you understand the terms and conditions upon which the accommodation is offered. By law, landlords/landladies are responsible for making sure that appliances are maintained in good order and checked for safety at least every 12 months. They must also keep a record of safety checks and issue them to their tenants. Further information on current legislation can be found at

From 1st February 2016 any adult renting residential accommodation will be subject to the Right to Rent Checks. Further information and guidance can be found at

Warwick Accommodation has not visited these properties and therefore cannot guarantee that they meet with accreditation standards.

If you would like further information please contact the Students' Union or the Citizen's Advice Bureau. Alternatively, housing information can be found on the websites of Coventry City Council, Warwick District Council or Stratford District Council.

Lodgings in Coventry

Lodgings in Kenilworth

Lodgings in Leamington Spa

Lodgings in Warwick and other local areas

Advertising on these pages

If you are a home-owner and would like to advertise on these pages, please click here for more information.