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PGCE (Teacher Training) 2019/2020


You are eligible to apply for accommodation if you are a PGCE (Teacher Training) student with an offer of full time, full year study at Warwick. The deadline for submitting priority applications is 31 July 2019. If you submit an application after this date, it will be considered a late application, and will be dealt with on a first-come, first- served basis subject to availability.

When you have completed your application form, please carefully check that your application details, including your accommodation preferences, are correct on the confirmation page before submitting. You will also receive a confirmation email that will contain the details from your application. If there are any differences, please contact Warwick Accommodation as soon as possible. Your confirmation email will be sent to the contact email address on your student record. Once you have enrolled and registered for an ITS account at Warwick, we will send correspondence to your Warwick email address, so please make sure you are regularly checking this account.

While we take your preferences into account, there is no guarantee that you will be allocated to accommodation which matches your preferences. It is also possible in years of very high demand that further accommodation options will be added or removed after you have notified us of your preferences, and you may be allocated to an option that was not advertised when your application was submitted.

You are not eligible for accommodation on campus, but you can apply for University managed accommodation off campus. On your accommodation application form you will be asked to rank at least three preferences from the options below.
◾Off campus accommodation Coventry 42 weeks (starting 07/09/19)
◾Off campus accommodation Coventry 48 weeks (starting 24/08/19)
◾Off campus accommodation Coventry 48 weeks (starting 21/09/19)
◾Off campus accommodation Leamington Spa 48 weeks (starting 21/09/19)

We are aware that PGCE students will need to provide a term time address in order to arrange placements. We will endeavour to send offers out from June to August 2019.

You will usually be allocated with other PGCE students, but it is also possible you will sharing with postgraduate or medical students. We will try to offer you one of your preferences, but we cannot guarantee we will be able to allocate you to an area or let length of your choice. Your offer may be for accommodation that is not one of your preferences or not one of our off campus advertised residences. Off campus allocations to University Managed accommodation are made by our team who will try to take account the information you have provided to help place you in a suitable property with other students.

You will need to submit the appropriate application as detailed on the specific accommodation requirements web page for your condition. Please be aware the deadline for your request being supported by the relevant team is 31 July 2019, so you will need to submit suitable evidence in advance to ensure there is enough time for it to be assessed. You will still need to submit an application for accommodation.

​We will endeavour to send offers of accommodation from June to August 2019. All offers are sent by email, so it’s important that you monitor your inbox during this time, and you are able to access the email address you registered for accommodation with.

You will get two working days to accept your offer. If you miss this deadline we may not be able to make another offer of accommodation, so it’s important to regularly check your spam inbox. We can only make one offer of accommodation. You are able to reject your offer, but you will need to make alternative accommodation arrangements. Please see the Students' Union for advice on private accommodation.

Accommodation offers will be sent out in stages from June to August 2019, so please do not contact us unless you have not received your offer by the middle of August. All offers will be sent via email, so we advise to check your spam folder.

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