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Campus Accommodation Update

Dear Student,

Your health and welfare is our paramount concern at this time. This message explains the options you have for the early termination of your campus accommodation contract for the duration of the summer term, or for remaining on campus if you need to. We encourage you to return home when you have the opportunity and if it is safe and practical for you to do so, but we will continue to support those students who need to remain. The message also contains information about safety arrangements for people staying on campus.

Students who do NOT require accommodation this academic year 

The University has decided to offer students the option of being released from their accommodation contract from the start of term three. If this applies to you, and you would like to be released from your accommodation contract and not be charged the next instalment(s), then please complete the online form and also ensure that you:

· If you are on campus, hand in your key card into Student Services (Senate House reception) as soon as possible or notify us you wish your card to be cancelled via the above link as soon as possible and before 20 April. You will not be allowed any further access to your room after this date except by prior agreement with us to collect your possessions. This is for safety and security reasons and will be guided by Government advice.

· Please clear your room and kitchen of all your personal possessions. If you are unable to do this please email so we can make other arrangements for you to clear your room or to collect your belongings at a later date. We will issue more guidance about this in due course. We recognise that due to the travel ban and the fact that many of you may be overseas you may find this difficult. We will help you to resolve this.

· If you vacate your accommodation by 19 April 2020 and if you are able to, please leave it clean and tidy and ensure all perishable food is removed from cupboards and fridges.

· Please ensure that you remove all valuables, and secure all windows and doors.

· All waste must be double bagged and tied

· Waste must be taken out to the refuse skips provided outside each residence

· You should use the open skip only and not place items on the floor as this will encourage pests

· Refuse bags will be provided to all kitchens across campus to help facilitate this.

· Notify Student Finance England if you are claiming maintenance grant. Your maintenance grant may change as a result.

If you choose to take up this option, the University will be releasing you from your term three and term four rental obligations and your accommodation contract will terminate. We would be very grateful if you could ensure your account is up to date and that all other amounts you owe to the University are fully paid and you leave your accommodation in a good condition to help the cleaners manage this unexpected situation.

Students who wish to remain on campus 

If you do need to remain in our accommodation, we will support you in doing so. However, we may ask you to move into a different en suite hall so that we can continue to support your wellbeing, enable social distancing and support staff who remain on campus to ensure the safe running of our accommodation. If we require you to move into a different hall, we will honour the fees of your current accommodation or reduce them accordingly to the hall you are in. Given the circumstances, we are having to implement new ways of operating and therefore ask you to help us by moving if necessary.

If you need to stay on campus please follow this link: 

We are having to implement new ways of working, due to government advice on maximising the number of staff working remotely and on protecting individuals who are most at risk, we may not be able to provide a cleaning service in the residences but we will continue to review the situation.

Warwick Accommodation will do all it can to continue to maintain services on campus such as Security, Residential Life Team, Student Services (Senate House reception) and Maintenance and we will be allocating our resources as best we can to do this.

We will of course expect you to pay your rent in the usual way if you decide to stay on campus. We would be very grateful if you could pay promptly.

Waste management

In order to maintain appropriate levels of hygiene we will be changing the way we manage refuse. We therefore ask that you dispose of your own waste in line with the following guidance:

· All waste must be double bagged and tied

· Waste must be taken out to the refuse skips provided outside each residence

· There will be one refuse skip per residence open at a time so that we can manage the waste appropriately. Students should use the open skip only and not place items on the floor as this will encourage pests

· Refuse bags will be provided to all kitchens across campus to help facilitate this.

Guests and social gatherings

In order to support the UK Governments' requests on social distancing for health reasons and to protect you, we ask that you all comply with that social distancing by not having visitors and guests to your accommodation, a link to this advice can be found here: 

For the avoidance of doubt, to comply with the Government's advice students who are remaining in University accommodation must not gather in large groups and therefore, parties and gatherings in residential halls are not permitted until further notice.

Fire alarms

Should the fire alarm sound the University will expect you to vacate the building. Whilst waiting for Campus Security to check the building and reset the alarms, the University advises that you stay at least 2 metres away from other people. If you are self-isolating then the University will still expect you to vacate the building during a fire alarm.


Smoking inside the building continues to be banned, even if you are self-isolating. You must smoke outside and be at least 3 metres away from any entrance or window and keep away from others.

Staying healthy in halls

The advice from Public Health England is:

· Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds

· Wipe down your kitchen surfaces after using them and wash-up

· Keep your crockery and cutlery away from others so that you don't share

· Wash your bed linen and towels on a hot wash (at least 60c)

If you are self-isolating due to having symptoms or being within the vulnerable category, please ensure that you contact the University Coronavirus Helpline on 024 76523111 so that we have a record of this.

The pharmacy on campus in the SU building will be open for any prescriptions or medication that you may need. You can see the opening times here: 

Wellbeing Support are still providing online and telephone support. You can make an appointment and get in touch with them through the Wellbeing Portal: 


Please contact Campus Security in an emergency: 024 7652 2222. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this and we hope you and your families stay safe and well at this worrying time and thank you once again for your patience in this matter.

Warwick Accommodation

Tue 24 Mar 2020, 14:09