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Information for disabled students

Accessible facilities

We have a range of rooms across our accommodation that are designed for disabled students including:

  • Level access bedrooms with level access en suite bathrooms
  • Several halls have push entry systems to increase ease of access
  • Accessible kitchens with adjustable sinks and cooking facilities
  • Rooms adapted for other mobility issues
  • Vibrating pillows and flashing alarms
  • Small fridges for storing medication in the bedroom
  • Adaptions can be made to rooms to make them more suitable for individual needs

Accommodation requirements are considered on an individual basis and in accordance with relevant university policies. If we are unable to accommodate any requests, suitable alternatives will be explored to address individual needs.

We would recommend that if you are likely to need adaptions to your room, that you arrange to visit the accommodation through the Disability Services Team,

Accommodation with level access en suite bathrooms for undergraduates:

Arthur Vick, Bluebell, Claycroft, Cryfield Apartments, Heronbank, Jack Martin, Lakeside, Sherbourne

Accommodation with level access en suite bathrooms for postgraduates:

Claycroft, Cryfield Apartments, Cryfield Townhouses, Heronbank, Lakeside