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New Applicants with a Short Term Medical Condition (less than 12 months)

If you have a short term medical condition (less than 12 months) that affects your accommodation needs, then you will need to follow the process as set out below. If you have had a medical condition for longer than 12 months, which affects your accommodation requirements, then you will need to contact our Disability Services team and follow the disability process.

If you are a new undergraduate student, you will need to have completed the process and be supported for your specific requirements before 22 August 2019 and if you are a new postgraduate student by the 31 July 2019. Please make sure to submit the appropriate evidence in advance to ensure there is enough time for it to be assessed and the decision to be communicated to you before the deadline.

1. You will need to provide a cover letter which includes,

  • Your full name
  • Your 7 digit Warwick ID number
  • What you want to be assessed for e.g. a room on campus / an en suite room / small fridge for medications
  • Any additional information that you wish to supply

Please note that without a cover letter we are unable to send your medical evidence for assessment.

2. You will also need to provide a medical letter and must include the following information or we will not be able to process it:

  • Written in English or have an official translation with it
  • Written by a medical professional
  • Typed on official headed paper
  • Dated within three months of the submission date
  • The evidence should include information about the nature of your medical condition and difficulties and any corresponding accommodation requirements

Email the cover letter and medical evidence to 


  • Your medical documentation will be assessed by a University appointed medical doctor who specialises in Occupational Health.
  • Once we have received the outcome of the assessment we will contact you by email. Please note that it may take up to three weeks.
  • If you are supported then you will be prioritised for a suitable room and we will contact you as soon as one becomes available.
  • If you are not supported and you would like to appeal the result of the assessment you are welcome to do so by submitting further, more detailed medical documentation for reassessment together with a cover letter.

Additional Information

  • Any new student wishing to have a medical condition taken into consideration should supply medical documentation as soon as the accommodation application form has been completed.
  • The application on medical grounds assessment process will only address needs related to the evidence you provide in conjunction with your requests. We are unable to guarantee any further accommodation preferences.
  • In order to make an informed assessment we require as much detailed information as possible about your condition(s) and any treatment, special requirements you need.
  • We are unable to pay for any medical letters or reimburse any costs incurred during this process.
  • Do not send original copies of x-rays and scans unless we have specifically asked you to do so.
  • It is very unlikely that you will be supported for a specific hall.
  • You may be asked at any time to provide the original copy of your medical evidence.