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Our Core Services

Introducing EPQ's Core Services

Our ongoing work is organised into 11 Core Services, which we are reviewing and developing to ensure they are fit for the future and support an increasingly diverse, flexible education portfolio. We have summarised those services and how you can access them here.

If you're not sure where to find what you are looking for, you can get in touch with the team via:

Our Quality and Partnerships Function

Curriculum Design, Approval and Management

Supporting the design and implementation of brilliant modules, courses and academic partnerships.

Design great courses using the Curriculum Development Toolkit

Propose new and amended courses for approval

Propose new and amended modules for approval

Propose new and amended academic partnerships for approval

Get in touch with EPQ's Approvals Team:

We are rebuilding this service as part of the Curriculum Management Project

Quality Evaluation and Improvement

Facilitating a cycle of continuous improvement in education quality through reviews (TEG, ITLR, Collaborative Review) and committee oversight.

Prepare for your departmental review as part of ITLR 2023

Read how your collaborative courses will be reviewed

Access data about student outcomes and student experience through SPA's Education Analytics dashboards

Understand gaps and disparities in your students' outcomes through the Attainment Dashboard

Teaching Excellence Group (TEG) meetings with academic departments are paused while ITLR 2023 is undertaken.

Partner Relationship Management

Assuring that Warwick degrees delivered with and through partners secure our usual high academic standards and expectations of quality.

UCB and Warwick students launching our partnership

We manage the University's validation arrangement and strategic partnership with University College Birmingham (UCB) alongside academic leads and the Regional Team.

 Learn more about the partnership

Ask us to help you explore potential collaborations with UCB:

Learn more about the types of academic partnerships that Warwick enters into and how they are managed.

Set up your Collaborative Course Management Group to oversee an academic partnership.

See who is involved in the University's Partnerships Committee.

Discuss new and existing partnerships with us:  

Student Engagement and Surveys

Leading institutional surveys like the NSS and PTES, and developing a culture of student partnership and co-creation in quality enhancement.

ITLR student recruitment banner

Through 2022/23 we are focused on putting student partnership and co-creation at the heart of our Institutional Teaching and Learning Review.

Find out how students are central to ITLR 2023.

Access student surveys results data on SharePoint

Download resources to promote the National Student Survey to students

 Download resources to promote the Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey to students

Learn more about how students views are heard, including through the Student Research Panel

Access the Students' Union's resources for Student-Staff Liaison Committees

Discuss student surveys, student engagement and co-creation with us:

Quality Framework Management

Evolving our overall approach to quality assurance and enhancement to deliver our Education Strategy and ensure compliance with Office for Students regulation.

We are rebuilding our Quality Framework through 2023 to ensure our approach remains fit for purpose and to align with the revised OfS Conditions of Registration on Quality & Standards (the 'B Conditions').

Read the Office for Students Conditions of Registration

Our Policy and Governance Function

Academic Governance

Designing, improving and facilitating the system of decision-making and assurance on academic matters through the Senate and its committees.

Find information about a university or faculty committee

See the dates of meetings in the Committee Timetable

Get in touch with the Senate team for advice on transacting business through committees:

Academic Policy Management

Reforming and maintaining our academic regulations and policy to secure academic standards and provide strong foundations for a great student experience.

Access the University's Academic Regulations

Explore academic policy and guidance supporting the regulations

Get in touch for advice on interpreting or changing academic policy:

We are launching a project in 2023 to reform the University's academic regulations and policies, making them simpler, easier to use and more consistent.

Assessment Governance

Bringing together strategy, policy and practice on assessment design, delivery and policy in support of the Education Strategy.

Explore our policy and guidance on assessing students at Warwick

Use the Academic Development Centre's resources on designing effective assessment

Access guidance for External Examiners and for guidance staff on appointing External Examiners

The University's operating model for assessment remains online first but not online only, and the Warwick Assessment System is being implemented to facilitate a smooth, pedagogically sound and robust approach.

Our cross-cutting work

Education Strategy Coordination

Supporting the Education Executive to develop, deliver and evaluate the University's education strategy.

Explore the University's Education Strategy

Meet the Education Executive team

Faculty Partnering

Dedicated business partner support on education and governance to faculty and departmental leadership teams.

See who is involved in governance for your faculty, including your Senior Policy Advisor (Education) who leads EPQ's support to the faculty:

Faculty of Arts: Arts Faculty Board, Arts Education Committee, Alison Greenhalgh, Senior Policy Advisor (Education)

Faculty of Science, Engineering & Medicine: SEM Faculty Board,  SEM Education Committee, Craig Franklin, Senior Policy Advisor (Education)

Faculty of Social Sciences: Social Sciences Faculty Board, Social Sciences Education Committee, Gabriella Bersanetti, Senior Policy Advisor (Education)

Enquiries, Advice and Guidance

Equipping staff and students with the information they need, in the right place, at the right time, and providing timely advice and problem-solving where policy or precedent is unclear.

Get in touch with the team for anything else or if it's not clear where to go: