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How students are at the centre of this ITLR

We're excited to share the ways we've involved students in the ITLR this time around. Building on the student panellist role from the ITLR 2017, we created two new roles to centre and champion the student voice. Within our own team structure, we have employed two student Co-Creation Officers, Nikita Asnani and Tony Thomas Kurisinkal, to co-create the roles and responsibilities of our other student opportunities and to provide ongoing support to our growing student network. They've also led the drafting of guidance, which will act as a clear guide from students, for students, on how exactly they'll be involved in the ITLR, and they have been establishing a stronger online presence for the ITLR by building the student engagement section of the website.

Student Leads

More widely, we're working with departments to recruit 33 Departmental Student Leads to work alongside other ITLR leads to coordinate and participate in the review of their home department. It's crucial to us that students have a visible representative within their home department who can play their part in the ITLR to highlight the student voice and to enable students to share their perspectives with the review panel. We are pleased to announce that Departmental Student Leads will receive £300 and 4 points towards the Warwick Award to compensate them for their meaningful contributions. Guidance on how to recruit these students can be found in your department's ITLR Teams site or on our website. Please note that Professional Services Clusters do not need to recruit a Departmental Student Leads.

Student Panellists

In addition to Student Leads, we are actively recruiting 39 diverse student panellists to sit on review panels, and hope you will join us in encouraging your students to apply. Student panellists will review a department that isn't their own, bringing an outside perspective and being a source of objectivity and collegiality in a review. We are particularly focused on enabling underrepresented backgrounds and historically 'disengaged' groups of the student body to apply, along with PGT, PGR, mature, distance, and part-time learners. Our Co-Creation Officers have reached out to academic societies and liberation groups to ensure students across faculties, disciplines, and experiences are heard. As such, we hope to give ITLR an identity amongst students as a significant opportunity to play a part in an initiatve to shape the future of education at Warwick. Student panellists receive £1000 and 11 points towards the Warwick Award in recognition of their expertise, time, and impact.

The Project Team is hard at work creating interactive and engaging training, a Teams site to enable student collaboration, workshops and events for student networking, and channels of ongoing support so students feel seen, heard, and empowered throughout the life of the ITLR.

We believe that students are integral to shaping ITLR and its outcomes. We hope that you'll support our recruitment efforts, our students in all roles, and our work in making the ITLR a co-creative and co-collaborative experience.

Fri 21 Oct 2022, 11:27 | Tags: ITLR