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30 May

What's coming next for the ITLR

The ITLR is approaching the 90% completion mark and it is expected that by the end of May, 33 out of 38 reviews will have concluded Review Visit 2.

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25 Apr

ITLR update - April 2023

The review stage of the Institutional Teaching and Learning Review (ITLR) is continuing at pace.

Tags: ITLR
23 Mar

What's new in the ITLR - March 2023

Read about progress with the review stage of the ITLR and the support on offer to panellists throughout the reviews, including templates, drop-in sessions and guidance.

Tags: ITLR
17 Feb

ITLR update - February 2023

The review stage of the ITLR is now well underway.

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12 Jan

ITLR - what's coming up in Term Two

We have now appointed panels for each of the 38 reviews being conducted both across academic departments and professional services clusters, and over coming weeks the panels will begin to review their allocated department or cluster.

Tags: ITLR
29 Nov 2022

Institutional Teaching and Learning Review - November Roundup

Find out the latest news from the ITLR, and see what's coming up next.

Tags: ITLR
25 Oct 2022

Shape the future of education at Warwick - play your part in the ITLR

The campaign is well underway to recruit 270 staff and students to our ITLR panels - find out how you can get involved.

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25 Oct 2022

What's happening with ITLR - and what's coming next

It has been a busy few weeks for ITLR.

Tags: ITLR
21 Oct 2022

How students are at the centre of this ITLR

We're excited to share the ways we've involved students in the ITLR this time around.

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