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Launching the Curriculum Development Toolkit (beta), Workshops and Consultancy

Since launching the current Education Strategy in 2018, our university community and the Senate have agreed the 'golden threads' and minimum expectations that should run through all Warwick courses - ranging from inclusive curricula and assessment to harmonised credit tariffs to the Warwick Core Skills. These have now been brought together into one easy-to-access place: the Dimensions of a Warwick Curriculum.

The Dimensions have been developed to make curriculum design at Warwick simpler, and they will be at the heart of designing, amending and approving courses going forward alongside discipline-specific content, pedagogy and design. That might be in developing new courses, through the regular refresh of existing courses or through a more comprehensive curriculum review project so that all new undergraduate students are enrolling on courses with the Dimensions embedded within the next five years.

Supporting staff and students to design brilliant courses

Today, EPQ is launching a package of brand new support for staff and students involved in curriculum development.

Curriculum Development Toolkit (beta)

The Curriculum Development Toolkit introduces the essential and wider Dimensions of a Warwick Curriculum and brings together practical pedagogic resources and relatable examples across disciplines for each of the Dimensions.

The Toolkit is being launch in Beta version, meaning we will continue to develop it further with input from staff and student users over the coming months.

Alongside the Toolkit, the ADC (Academic Development Centre) are developing CoDe (CoDesign), a suite of resources and workshops to support colleagues who are planning to make changes to their courses - this could be part of a routine cycle of review and evaluation of existing courses, or in preparation for the validation of a new course.

Self-guided resources - available to all

In most cases course teams will have the pedagogic expertise to evaluate and review programmes in house. However, individual members of the course team might wish to enhance or refresh their knowledge and understanding of aspects of curriculum design. The resources below are designed to enable colleagues to do this independently, working at their own pace and in their own time.

Resources available:

Facilitated Workshops

In addition to the self-study materials and resources above, ADC can provide some flexible facilitated support through the LDCU and its Cultivate programme.

LDCU course development workshop (six hours)

This two-part workshop has been designed to support those staff and students who are leading course design/development initiatives to work through a design process with their course teams. The workshops will provide ideas and resources that participants can use to guide, inform, and support course development, and will be delivered in two three-hour face-to-face sessions with some online preparatory work before each workshop.

Participants must commit to attending both workshops. For more information and to register, please visit ADC's Curriculum Development webpage.

Bitesize two-hour workshops

Shorter workshops on specific and key aspects of curriculum design will be available through the Cultivate programme. A calendar of workshops for 2022/23 can be found via the Cultivate Workshops webpage. The programme will be developed to respond to evolving needs as the year progresses.

Partnered Support

In select cases, ADC will be able to provide advisory and facilitation support throughout the course design process, working as embedded members of the programme team. An initial scoping conversation with the programme leader and/or colleagues leading on the development project will enable us to tailor and schedule a package of support revolving around 3 core bespoke workshops and dedicated interim support:

  • Course Development: aims and vision
  • Course alignment and assessment strategy
  • Review and evaluation strategy

Partnered support will be available to two/three programmes per academic year.

Over the next five years

Curriculum design must be rooted in each discipline and be responsive to the strategic plans of an academic department, so there will never be a one-size-fits-all approach to the design of a course or the timing of any work to refresh courses. By developing principles-based Dimensions of a Warwick Curriculum and offering a menu of support for course teams to choose from, we are deliberately avoiding a prescriptive approach to curriculum development.

It is, however, essential to ensure a regular cycle of reviewing and refreshing modules and courses so that we maintain academic standards, enhance quality and meet our regulatory obligations. This is already well-embedded across much of the University, so we will use the Institutional Teaching and Learning Review (ITLR) currently underway to gauge how much change is needed to embed the Dimensions and how this can fit with each departments' existing plans for refreshing its courses over the next five years.