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Checklist for Monitoring Student Attendance and Progression

The following checklist is intended to assist academic departments in identifying the key, required aspects of the Good Practice Guide on Monitoring Student Attendance and Progression. Further details are provided in the Good Practice Guide and the relevant sections are referenced below.

1. There are monitoring schemes in place for the following categories of student:

(a) Full-time and part-time undergraduate courses;

(b )Full-time and part-time postgraduate taught courses;

(c) Full-time and part-time postgraduate research courses

(d) Incoming visiting and exchange students (Section 6)

(e) Students on all forms of placement including outgoing visiting and exchange students, students on intercalated years of study in industry and business, students on professional placements (Section 6).

2. Monitoring schemes are agreed for postgraduate students in extension and, for research students holding Tier 4 visas, during the resubmission stage of their course until final resubmission of their thesis has been approved by the examiner (Sections 4d and (Section 7).

3. Monitoring schemes cover all students.

4. For postgraduate taught courses at least two-thirds of monitoring points relate to face-to-face contact and for postgraduate research at least half of monitoring points relate to face-to-face contact (Section 4).

5. There are plans agreed for joint and cross-departmental degrees which set out how data on attendance will be shared between departments and when (Section 5).

6. Monitoring schemes are either aligned to the template scheme (Annex A of the Good Practice Guide) or have been approved by the Compliance Working Group or AQSC (Section 2).

7. Monitoring points are distributed evenly across and within terms (Sections 4 and 7).

8. Monitoring schemes are submitted annually in the summer to the Teaching Quality Office (Section 1).

9. Academic departments have systems in place to ensure that formal records to evidence students’ attendance are available and retained in line with the timescales set out in the Good Practice Guide. Records of attendance should not be by exception (Section 7).

10. A clear statement on the levels of attendance and engagement expected of students and the consequences of missing monitoring points is published in Course Handbooks annually (Section 1).

11. Missed monitoring points are reported to the Academic Office at the end of each term. (Section 7).