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5. Joint and Cross-Departmental Courses

The “home”/managing department has overall responsibility for monitoring the students on a joint honours or cross-departmental course. The course leader should ensure that a plan, agreed with the partner department, is put in place to exchange information in a timely way. This should set out the monitoring points for the course, who is responsible for passing data to the "home" department where applicable, and timescales. There are no data protection implications for departments sharing such data within the University. For some courses (e.g. a cross-departmental PhD course or arrangements for an individual PhD student where supervisors are from two departments) another individual, such as the Director of Graduate Studies or the student’ s lead supervisor, may be the appropriate person to take responsibility for coordinating the monitoring arrangements.

It may be desirable, where students are taking modules outside their home department, to focus any monitoring of such modules, wherever possible, to the submission of assessed work. An alternative, approach, again wherever possible, would be to focus the “monitoring points” for such students on their core modules only.

Departments will be asked to report on their plans for monitoring attendance on joint courses annually (See Section 1(b)).