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7. Record Keeping and Reviewing

Records of attendance must be kept for all monitoring points to support the early identification of students who may be experiencing difficulties but also, should it be necessary in extreme cases, to support a recommendation to withdraw a student from their course. These records are also required to demonstrate compliance with Home Office regulations. Records, including source data (e.g. registers, email correspondence regarding absences), must be retained until the student has completed their course of study and is no longer a student of the University. Records relating to students who have not held a Tier 4 visa to study at the University must be kept for 12 months after graduation. Following graduation records for Tier 4 students must be kept until the next Home Office compliance visit has taken place. Attendance or non-attendance against a monitoring point should be recorded within a week of the expected attendance occurring.

Departments maintain records in a variety of ways, appropriate to their courses and their local context. Some of these records are by-products of other processes. Records might include:

  • attendance registers for taught sessions
  • outcomes of personal tutorial meetings
  • reports on postgraduate supervisions
  • records of submission of assessed work
  • records of formal meetings between personal tutor and tutee. Where students are not engaging
    adequately with their studies, this may include a record of discussions on non-attendance or poor engagement.

Given that most students do engage with their courses fully, the aim of monitoring progress and reviewing records is to identify students who may be experiencing problems, to offer appropriate support. Staff will often identify students experiencing problems without recourse to formal monitoring mechanisms, but the following frequency should be adopted as a minimum for formal monitoring and record keeping:

Full-time undergraduates:

6 identified points of engagement in the autumn term
4 identified points of engagement in the spring term
1 identified point of engagement in the summer term

Full-time taught postgraduates:

6 identified points of engagement in the autumn term
4 identified points of engagement in the spring term
1 identified points of engagement in the summer term
2 identified points of engagement during the summer vacation

Research postgraduates:

12 identified points of engagement spread throughout the year, appropriate to the department and the student’s individual context. This is in line with the monthly supervisions and annual reviews recommended as minimum good practice for the supervision of full-time PGR students but may also include research skills training

Postgraduate students in periods of extension/resubmission

Monitoring points for students in periods of extension should be determined by the department in consultation with the student and clearly stated in the student’s extension work plan, which is submitted to Graduate School at the point of extension request.

For Tier 4 students in a period of resubmission, monitoring points should to be determined by the department, taking into account the recommendations made by the examiners and the number of months permitted for any such resubmission.

Part-time students:

Departments are advised to consider the volume and pattern of study for their part-time students. Whilst it is recognised that the total number of identified points of engagement may need to be reduced, this should not necessarily be related pro-rata to the FTE of the student. Departments may wish to consider identifying points relating to attendance, submission of assessed work and retaining contact with tutors (including via email).

Reviewing Records:

Departments are advised to review these records on a regular basis, to identify students who may be experiencing problems. For a full-time taught course this might mean twice each term. However, departments are advised to take a proportionate approach to the frequency of reviewing records.

Reporting Requirements

Departments will be required to report to the Student Records or Graduate School sections of the Academic Office at the end of each term (with an additional reporting point during the summer for taught and research postgraduate students) on students who have missed the identified monitoring points for that course of study without authorisation to do so.