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8. Sickness absence

The University has a policy regarding sickness absence for students. In brief this states that students should self-certify absences due to sickness for absences of up to seven days, except where the absence is at a time of significant assessment. A doctor’s note/medical certificate is required for absences of longer than seven days and for examination purposes.

If a student is likely to be unwell for a longer period, he/she should be advised to take temporary withdrawal from his/her course of study under University Regulation 36 - Governing Student registration, attendance and progress.

Further information is available on the Examinations Office web-site, at

Should a student miss a monitoring point due to ill health and documentary evidence is provided to explain this absence, it is not necessary to report the missed monitoring point to the Academic Office. However it is necessary to retain these medical records and departments may wish to monitor recurring absences due to ill health to ensure that students are appropriately supported.