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Collaborative Provision

Collaborative Courses

The University has a moderately sized portfolio of collaborative courses with carefully selected partner organisations, in the region, across the UK and around the world. These include:

  • franchised courses, where the University has designed a course and agrees that a partner college or other organisation can deliver it on our behalf.

  • validated courses, where the University agrees that a course designed and delivered by a partner college or other organisation meets the standards required for the award of a Warwick qualification.
  • distance delivery courses, where Warwick staff travel to a partner organisation, often overseas, to deliver modules or a course leading to a Warwick award.
  • joint, dual/double or multiple award courses, where a course is delivered by the University and a partner university, college or other organisation with degree awarding powers, and the final award bears the name of Warwick and one or more other Higher Education institutions.
  • other collaborative courses, where a course may be designed and delivered by the University and a partner university, college or other organisation, which do not conform exactly to any of the models defined above.

All collaborative courses approved by the University are listed in the Collaborative course register. All courses approved fit with the University Collaborative Strategy and within the parameters of the Collaborative Policy.

Courses are governed by written agreements or contracts, for which a template agreement is available for University members.

The Partnerships Committee is heavily involved in the approval and review of collaborative courses. The University makes available guidance on factors for consideration by departments in considering what level of approval might be required in advance of beginning to put together proposals.

Collaborative modules

The collaborative module approval page has details of the lighter-touch process which may be used where a collaboration covers only one module.

Collaborations leading to awards by other HEIs

A separate, light-touch approval process should be used for credit-bearing collaborations leading to awards by other HEIs

Review of Collaborative Courses

The Partnerships Committee has oversight of the review of collaborative courses which is undertaken approximately every five years.

Please note that the Collaborative Course pages are currently under review and are being updated following the approval of new QA procedures by the Senate on 24 January 2018