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Course approval for courses with collaborative provision

Please note that prior to developing a collaborative course proposal in detail, a brief outline proposal needs to be granted approval to ensure that you have the in principle endorsement of the University to develop a fuller proposal in collaboration with the proposed partner organisation.

In addition to the forms that must be completed for proposed new or restructured courses, the following are required if the course is validated, franchised or involves a second organisation in the delivery of a course:

Note that as of October 2017, the Part 4 "Collaborative" form (including site visit) has been included within the new course approval form.

Collaborative modules

The collaborative module approval page has details of the lighter-touch process which may be used where a collaboration covers only one module.

Collaborations leading to awards by other HEIs

A separate, light-touch approval process should be used for credit-bearing collaborations leading to awards by other HEIs

Depending on the complexity of the collaborative arrangement, the required course proposal paperwork might include a draft of the intended contract with the proposed partner. Collaborative contract templates can be found here.