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Professional, statutory and regulatory bodies (PSRBs)

A number of the University’s courses and departments are subject to various forms of accreditation, validation and inspection by professional, statutory and regulatory bodies (PSRBs), such as the GMC, Ofsted, the Law Society and Bar Council, the Institute of Physics etc.

Departments look after their interactions with PSRBs. This recognises that colleagues in departments are best placed to engage with their own professional bodies, particularly as dialogue often extends well beyond discussion of educational and curricular matters. The Teaching Quality section offers support to departments in their engagements with PSRBs on teaching and learning issues, including accreditation and validation visits and the like. This is formalised in the PSRB Engagement Support process.

AQSC considers formal reports from such interactions, along with a response from the department. AQSC’s consideration of reports allows the University as a whole to learn from identified good practice and ensure that any issues are dealt with appropriately.