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Supporting PSRB engagements

Autumn Term annually

AQSC receives register of courses with PSRB accreditation/recognition, including dates of previous and next engagement, and nature of engagement (e.g. accreditation event, paper-based recognition exercise, mid-cycle follow-up visit etc.)

4-6 months before PSRB engagement*

Teaching Quality team discusses engagement with department. In most cases this discussion will be brief, with some electronic sharing of information followed by a single face-to-face meeting. This discussion is intended to:

  • serve as an opportunity for the department to seek any assistance in preparations for the PSRB engagement;
  • provide assurance to the University (via AQSC) that the department is aware of the requirements of the PSRB and is in a position to satisfy them;
  • alert the University to any potential problems the department may face in the PSRB engagement and identify remedies.

The discussion will include a range of issues:

  • criteria published by the PSRB;
  • timetable for engagement (date for submission of any documentation, expected date of any visit, indication of likely date(s) for informal feedback from PSRB and formal report);
  • recommendations or other issues from previous engagement;
  • identification of areas of good practice to draw to the PSRB’s attention, and, where appropriate, share with the wider University.

A summary of these discussions, on a standard form, will be prepared by the TQ team and considered by AQSC, to assure the Committee that preparations are in hand and to identify any issues where further assistance or intervention is required.

Approx. 4 weeks before submission of documentation to PSRB*

Timetabled opportunity for department to seek advice on documentation (if required) and raise any outstanding concerns.

After engagement

Departments pass on to Teaching Quality team informal feedback (if available) and written reports.

Written reports considered by AQSC alongside departmental response. In most cases where departments are required to respond directly to the PSRB a copy of this response will be sufficient for AQSC. Only rarely will AQSC require a separate response.

AQSC identifies dissemination route for good practice, and follow-up mechanism on recommendations (if required).

* The Teaching Quality team will modify the timetable in consultation with departments to take account of the particular PSRB’s requirements.