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Course approval

The University has launched a new Course Approval Online System. This is now live and available to use. The current Course Approval Paper Based Form was retired at the end of the 2018/19 academic year and all proposals must now be submitted through the online system. To ensure you get the smoothest transition from the paper forms and processes we are providing training, documentation and a single point of contact for all queries relating to the new online system.


A series of Training Roadshows for staff will be taking place across campus on a monthly basis up until Christmas 2019. We will add extra sessions if there is demand. As we move into 2020, we will ensure that regular training sessions are in place for staff to attend. Sessions will provide guidance on how to use the new Course Approval Online System and Module Approval Online System. These sessions will be facilitated by the Student Information Systems Team and the SPI Project Management Team, with representatives from Teaching Quality. Sign up for a Training Roadshow.

Course Proposal Submission Deadlines

In an attempt to reduce the timescales of approval, and allow colleagues to plan ahead, there are deadlines for the consideration of proposals.

All course proposals submitted by the end of each month will be reviewed by Professional Services teams in the first week of the following month, and then passed on to the panel for consideration in the second week of the month. The Deputy Chairs will review feedback from panel members in the fourth week of the month, before submitting their recommendation to the Chair. For example, any proposals received by the 31 August will be considered in September, with the outcomes communicated to Departments in October. We hope that this will help us to reduce the current average approval timescale.

Departments will need to be aware that course proposals will only be submitted for consideration once they are deemed ‘panel-ready’ i.e. when the online form has been fully completed and all supporting documentation has been supplied.

Minor Course Amendments

Memorandum requests for Chairs Action will be accepted for minor revisions to Courses via the paper process until the end of the 2018/19 academic year.

If the amendments being requested will have a significant impact on the Course, or its structure, the course proposal form will need to be completed. As part of the Course and Module Catalogue Project, we are aiming to input all existing course information in to the online system over the Summer period.

In order to determine if a memo request is possible or not, Departments can send an email, detailing the types of revisions required, to in order to confirm which process will need to be followed. The Teaching Quality team will be able to confirm which sections of the form would need to be completed based on the significance of the amendments being made.

Please note different approval processes for:


Systems Support: For any queries about using the new online systems, please email

For all other Course Approval queries, please email: