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Latest revisions to approval forms

Course specifications

The part 1 course proposal form has been amended to clarify how course specifications should be created and submitted for approval:

  • if a course specification is required (see FAQs for which courses need a course spec), the part 1 course proposal form must, at the time it is submitted to the appropriate Committee for approval, be accompanied by a printed course specification;
  • the course specification should be created in the course specifications database (rather than as a word document) and printed as a PDF document, using the 'printer friendly PDF' option in the database. The course spec should be 'submitted for approval', so that it is ready to be published on the database by the Teaching Quality team, once the course proposal and specification have been approved through the committee system;
  • you will need access rights to create or amend a course specification. If you are unable to access the database, permission may be granted by e-mailing with your name, user id and department;
  • once the course has been approved through the committee system, the Teaching Quality team will publish the course specification on the database.
External involvement in course design

In December 2007 the Senate approved amendments to the course approval form to clarify the requirement that departments should provide more detailed information about external advice taken during development of new and restructured courses (draft Senate minute 35/07-08 refers). Section 11 of the course approval form has been updated to reflect this. This section was further amended in September 2012 to provide guidance on areas to be addressed by external advisers (changes approved on behalf of AQSC by Chair's Action - to be reported in October 2012).

(Word Document) More detailed guidance on approval and publication of course specs