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Legislative Considerations

Immigration Legislation

When developing a course proposal which is likely to recruit international students, departments are advised to contact the International Office to assess whether there are any issues that will need to be taken into consideration in relation to compliance with immigration legislation. In particular, international students coming to the UK on a Tier 4 visa are not permitted to take courses where the location of study is other than the University of Warwick; where the course contains a work placement which exceeds 50% of the total duration of the course; where the course is not full-time; or where the course does not lead to a recognised qualification (excluding pre-sessional courses). Contact details can be found here.

Bribery Act 2010

The Bribery Act defines the activities which constitute bribery and applies to anyone acting on behalf of the University, including third parties. In the context of course proposals, departments will therefore need to be aware that the University would be liable under the provisions of the Act for activities undertaken by collaborative partners when acting on behalf of the University. See the University's Anti-Bribery Policy and related policies and regulations or contact the Teaching Quality team for further advice.

Equality Act

The implications of the Equality Act for the University's activities abroad are set out in the attached Guidance Note. Departments wishing to develop courses delivered overseas, or to enter collaborations with overseas organisations are advised to ensure they are aware of the University's responsibilities in this respect.