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How can I give a blanket exemption under the APL rules for a group of potential students who have all done the same prior learning?

AQSC and Senate have agreed that blanket exemption via AP(C/E)L can be given from the same module(s) to groups of students offering the same prior learning.

Where this blanket exemption is to cover only one cohort of students, the department should complete the standard AP(C/E)L form for an anonymous student representative of the whole group, and send this, together with the appropriate evidence and a covering memo setting out which applicants the proposal covers, to the relevant officer: for UG courses, the Assistant Registrar (Undergraduate Admissions); for PG courses, the Senior Assistant Registrar (Graduate School).

Where the blanket exemption is to cover two or more cohorts, the department should draft a proposal to be considered by the relevant Faculty Graduate Studies Committee or Undergraduate Studies Committee/Sub-Faculty, then by the Board of Graduate or Undergraduate Studies, with the final decision taken by the Academic Quality and Standards Committee (AQSC). These blanket exemptions, once approved by AQSC, are recorded in the table attached to the University AP(C/E)L policy.