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Degree Apprenticeships

Course approval forms and guidance

Course approval forms for Degree Apprenticeships can be downloaded below:

Degree Apprenticeship approval form guidance (.doc )

Guidance provided to panellists reviewing proposals for Degree Apprenticeships can be found here (.doc ).

General information and briefing

General briefing document considered by University Committees about Degree Apprenticeships at Warwick during the Summer Term of 2017-18.


Template apprentice handbook

Template employer handbook (pending amendments - contact

Changes to Regulation and policy

The following changes are proposed to take immediate effect following consideration by the Senate on 4 July 2018:

New regulations for Degree Apprenticeships:

• Regulation X – NEW Undergraduate Degree Apprenticeships Regulation - replaces regulation 8 (AQSC 99a.17-18 );

• Regulation X – Postgraduate Taught Degree Apprenticeships Regulation - replaces regulation 37 (AQSC 99b.17-18).

NOTE: a consultation on related revisions to UG and PG Degree Apprenticeship Assessment conventions is taking place over the summer 2018 for implementation 18/19.

Revised regulations:

• Regulation 6 - Admission to University (AQSC 80.17-18);

• Regulation 23 – Student Disciplinary Offences (AQSC 82.17/18);
• Regulation 34 – Fitness to Practise (AQSC 83.17-18);
• Regulation 36 – Continuation of Registration (AQSC 84.17/18):
• Regulation 42 – Academic Appeals (AQSC 85.17-18);
• Regulation 11, Procedure to be Adopted in the Event of Suspected Cheating in a University (AQSC 81.17/18);

Useful links to external information and guidance: