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Assessment Strategy and Good Practice


The University of Warwick Assessment Strategy

Assessment is a judgement of performance and is a critical feature of the student experience at Warwick. Assessment for the purposes of this strategy includes coursework, examinations, group work, presentations, dissertations and projects. It encompasses formative and summative assessment, assessment for learning and assessment of learning.


The University is committed to:

  • encouraging the active engagement of students in their own learning;
  • supporting and facilitating assessment activities to improve students’ learning;
  • providing assessments that are accessible and inclusive;
  • ensuring that students receive timely, meaningful feedback to progress their learning;
  • supporting departments and colleagues to enable them to develop innovative assessment methods;
  • ensuring that assessment is linked to module and course level learning outcomes;
  • providing assessment methods that take account of the skills and knowledge valued by potential employers.

Assessment Aims

  • All students will engage with a range of relevant formative and summative assessments, clearly linked to the module and course-level learning outcomes.
  • All assessment processes will be designed to be accessible and inclusive, and aligned with the University’s Equal Opportunities Statement and all relevant equality legislation.
  • Formative and summative assessment will be designed to enable students to demonstrate the skills and knowledge they have acquired at both module and course level.
  • The feedback mechanisms in place will include guidance on how to improve performance.
  • Assessment processes and outcomes will be designed to enhance students’ personal and professional development through the acquisition of skills.
  • All assessment processes will be designed to embody the underlying principles of: reliability; validity; equity; timeliness; manageability; and inclusivity.

(The University Assessment Strategy was approved by Senate on 29 January 2014)

For further information, guidance and resources to support Departmental Assessment Strategies, please visit the following webpage: Departmental Assessment Strategies and Guidance


Good Practice Guides

The Teaching Quality section maintains Good Practice Guides on the following topics: