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Clarity and Quality

Providing transparent information on the type of assessment feedback mechanisms operating in a department is vital both for staff and students. Students should be informed at the start of their course:

  • How their work will be assessed.
  • How assessment results will be communicated.
  • What format of assessment feedback they may expect.
  • The extent of assessment feedback they may expect (which may take the form of a word -limit range, and may vary for different types of assessment).
  • An agreed timeframe for the submission of assessed work and the provision of feedback, both throughout the academic year, and in individual instances.
  • Details of the assessment criteria and learning outcomes for the module/course and information on whether and how assessment feedback will be related to these criteria and outcomes.
  • Whether they will be expected to reflect on their own performance either informally, for example, in the context of personal development planning, or formally, through jointly planned and executed assignments or presentations.
  • That the first mark for summative assessments is provisional until its verification by the second marker and by the Board of Examiners.
  • Alternative options for assessment feedback and for further advice, should this be necessary.
  • The timescale for examinations appeal.

School of Theatre Studies

‘Students are informed in the Student Handbook that “Essays will be returned to students with detailed comments from course tutors” and that “In some cases tutors will wish to discuss particular issues arising from students’ essays and will arrange tutorial times.” Students can also request tutorials to discuss their work with the module tutor. All staff and students are issued with essay hand-in dates for the year and marking schedules are provided for staff. As from 2003/4 . . . a statement will be added to the Student Handbook relating to the timeframe for feedback students should expect.’

Centre for English Language Teacher Education

‘We now ensure that dates are always issued to students for the return of their written work.’

Warwick Business School produces a School Policy document on the marking and return of assessed work. This document highlights the mechanisms of the assessment process within the School, with clear indications of timescales for feedback delivery and the manner in which feedback is communicated to students.

Warwick Manufacturing Group

‘The section on assessment in the staff handbook . . . indicates to staff the minimum amount of feedback expected on the proforma. The student handbook outlines the procedures to follow when a student is unclear of the reason for a mark awarded or the feedback provided, including meeting with the tutor for discussion of the assignment.’

It is good practice to review assessment feedback mechanisms regularly as part of Annual Course Review. Student views via the SSLC on the provision of feedback on assessment should be sought.