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Feedback on Examinations

Students must be provided with feedback on examinations for all examinations taken during 2016/17 and thereafter. Recognising disciplinary differences in assessment and learning, there are a number of options as to how this feedback can be provided:

(i) Those departments that have already provided feedback on examinations may continue with their current practice, which may include feedback to individuals;

(ii) For feedback to module cohorts, either the pro-forma template or an adapted version can be used;

(iii) Departments can propose alternative mechanisms for feedback on examinations, appropriate to their context and discipline. In this case the approach must be approved by a working group of the Academic Quality and Standards Committee and it is recommended that students be engaged in the development of the feedback method.

In all cases, the method of providing feedback on examinations must be clearly communicated to students.

Approved by Senate June 2016