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Liaison With the Rest of the University and Other Professional Bodies

Liaison with the rest of the university

It is important that departments are aware of other departments and services supporting the assessment of students.

Examinations Office

The most far-reaching of these services is the Examinations Office within the Academic Office, which is responsible for organising over a thousand examinations sat by over eight thousand students each year. The Examinations Office holds the records of final, aggregated marks for each module, with these and the marks for each component of a module captured through the Electronic Mark Utility (EMU). The Examinations Office should be kept informed of assessment results, changes to the methods of assessment for modules and courses, and any appeals, and requests for temporary withdrawals from courses that may arise from Boards of Examiners’ decisions.

Student Support Services

In addition to the need for appropriate liaison with the Examinations Office following assessment, it is important that departmental staff are aware of the student support services offered by the University. Staff providing assessment feedback to students should be familiar with the services provided by the following departments and support which may be offered to a student during their academic career at Warwick:

  • the Centre for Student Careers and Skills,
  • the Senior Tutor’s Office, Counselling Service and the Disability Co-ordinator,
  • the Students’ Union Advice and Welfare service,
  • the University Chaplaincy, and
  • financial advisors based in the Academic Office.

Joint courses, modules delivered outside a student’s home department and professional accreditation

For those students undertaking joint courses, or modules taught by more than one department, it will be appropriate for departments to consider how feedback may be organised to take account of the input of the relevant staff involved in delivery and assessment. Departments may decide to delegate the assessment feedback process to a partner department, or the process may be conducted on a shared or joint basis. Whatever the procedure followed, it is important that the system is entirely transparent for both students and staff involved.

In the case of courses that are accredited by a professional or statutory body, it is vital that any issues relating to the student’s capacity to enter the profession or undertake further professional qualifications are flagged up in assessment feedback.