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Timeliness of Feedback

University Policy on the Timing of the Provision of Feedback to Students on Assessed Work

1. The University is committed to providing the appropriate support for students to fulfill their potential while at Warwick, as this forms an essential component of the learning experience. The University is also committed to offering a range of mechanisms to support its students in developing the skills they will require both for success in academia and beyond.

2. Assessment is a critical feature of the student’s educational experience. The University aims to ensure that assessment mechanisms used allow students to demonstrate the skills and knowledge they have acquired and that these mechanisms are applied fairly and consistently.

3. Two key principles govern the way in which the University issues feedback on assessed work:

Turnaround time for all assessed work

20 University working days maximum turnaround is a universal requirement. If feedback from submitted work is designed to be formative towards performance in a subsequent assessment (including an examination), then the calendar of submission/return of coursework should be such as to ensure that the student has a realistic opportunity to reflect on their learning from that feedback in the subsequent assessment.


In order to ensure that both staff and students have clear expectations, academic departments will communicate to students the structure of assessments, specific deadlines for individual pieces of work and, crucially, the dates on which assessed work will be returned to students with feedback, which should be no later than 20 University working days after the date of submission in line with this policy. All dates associated with assessment will be communicated to students via departmental handbooks at the start of each academic year.

Monitoring Feedback Turnaround Times

4. Monitoring and reporting of feedback turnaround times will occur at both undergraduate and postgraduate taught levels for all modules.

5. Heads of Department will ensure that systems are in place to monitor feedback turnaround times at module level. This data will be collated on a termly basis by each department, considered by the relevant Faculty Education Committee and received termly by the relevant Faculty Board, in line with standard quality assurance processes in operation at the Faculty level. The Faculty Boards may, at their discretion, convene working groups of the Sub-Committees to review monitoring data, reporting to the Sub-Committees. Should this be the case, such working groups must include student representation.

6. To help departments collate the necessary information, the electronic Student Assignment Management System (SAM, part of the University’s larger student management application, Tabula) or an alternative electronic assignment management system should be used. For those departments piloting SAM for the 2012/13 academic year, an Excel spread sheet will be provided for completion at the start of each term for those modules where SAM is not being used.

For the academic year 2013/14 onwards, it is expected that all departments will adopt an electronic method of feedback across the majority of their modules (SAM, Moodle or a locally developed system). All data on feedback turnaround times, whether collected manually or electronically, will be submitted to Faculty Secretaries on Friday of Week 2 of each term (see the Guidance for an overview of how this data will be reviewed and reported).

7. The University will ensure that there is an electronic system in place both to enable electronic submission of assessed work and the electronic provision of marks and feedback to students and to support monitoring by departments.

8. Each Faculty Board will report to AQSC on turnaround times across the Faculty, identifying any modules that have been flagged as a cause for concern by the relevant Undergraduate or Graduate Sub-Committees. Where assessed work is not meeting the 20 University working days turnaround time, Heads of Departments (with support from Faculty Chairs where necessary) will be required to set out a series of actions to address the areas of concern, which will be reviewed by the Sub-Committee and Board of the Faculty, so as to maintain the Board’s oversight of quality assurance.

Approved: December 2012

School of Theatre Studies

All staff and students are issued with essay submission and feedback dates for the entire academic year, detailing first and second markers and the number of days taken to mark and return any given piece of assessed work. This not only demonstrates the School's commitment to its students to have all work returned within 20 University working days of the submission date, but a commitment to members of staff as they are able to plan ahead and allow adequete time for marking. of the hand-in date.

School of Law

Like the School of Theatre Studies, the School of Law issues all students with an assessment pack at the start of each academic year, which provides details of submission and feedback dates. A seperate information pack is provided to staff, which gives details of when essays will be available to first and second markers.


Warwick Manufacturing Group

The following steps have been taken to attempt to improve turnaround times (between end of modules and feedback on module assignments):

  • Revision of guidelines provided to staff advising them to schedule marking at the same time as they schedule module delivery, and to highlight problems if their module schedule compromises their marking schedule.
  • Recommendation of the introduction of word limits on assignments (at tutor’s discretion)
  • Introduction of formative assessment to provide an element of early feedback
  • Identification of common issues raised within a particular cohort for use within a collective feedback session.