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Seymour formula

Where a candidate has been assessed in one or more additional modules over and above those required by the course regulations the candidate’s mean shall be calculated using the Seymour formula, as set out below.

The Seymour formula will be applied to module marks achieved in any year of study in which a candidate has taken above or below the normal load for that year of the degree.  The Seymourised mean for each of the relevant years will then be used in determination of the overall mean used in determining the degree class.

The Seymour formula may be stated as follows:

S=\frac{2\sum_i x_i y_i}{N Max(1,L/150) + L}


S is the Seymourised percentage mark for the year

x_i is the percentage mark achieved on a module with credit weighting y_i

N is the normal load for the year according to course regulations (typically 120 credits)

L is the actual load taken by the student

Seymour Formula (PDF Document)