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What penalties do we impose for the late submission of assessed coursework?

Regulation 36 (section 36.3(1)(a)) stipulates that 5 marks per day for undergraduate students and 3 marks per day for postgraduate students should be imposed for the late submission of work where no formal extension had been granted. "Marks" mean marks on a percentage scale. A late piece of work that would have scored 65% had it been handed in on time would be awarded 60 if it were one day late, 55 if two days late etc. Penalties accrue only on working days (not weekends, public holidays), so departments are advised not to use Friday as deadline day.

Please note that pieces of work with a credit value less than or equal to 2 credits are exempt from this policy, and that departments may continue to require students to sit an examination in lieu of submitting a piece of assessed coursework.

AQSC, 13 May 2004, minute 86/03-04; Senate, 30 June 2004, minute 126/03-04